Passion Training is the foundation of passion-based education. It covers both practices and strategies that are based on modern social science, evidence-based best practice and holistic perspectives. These strategies promote not only learning of subjects - the knowledge, but growth and development of the student - the knower.

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Course Description

7 Passions explores the core human drives for well-being and evolution. It examines the various expressions of this life-force energy and provides practical insights how to integrate them to improve the quality of life and fulfill your potential.

The course has engaging assignments to discover your authentic passions. What motivates you? How do you want to live? It provides guidance and tools to clarify and implement them, and exercises to develop the vitality and qualities to accomplish them.

7 Passions brings appreciation and compassion to the richness of humanity and life on Earth. How can we harmonize all our individualities and evolve together?

I hope you'll join me for this course and embark on a life-long fulfilling journey!

Course Objectives

Students are expected to:
  • Learn tools for awareness, vitality and wellness
  • Understand the seven core human drives
  • Examine your motivations in main areas and roles
  • Explore deep aspirations and their underlying qualities
  • Pursue and develop your authentic passion
  • Identify and eliminate unwanted patterns
  • Create goals, action-plans and a daily practice

The Course Materials Include

  • More than a hundred guided topics that cover all main areas of life: health, fitness, emotional and mental wellness, relationships, education, career, money.
  • A dynamic visual model of life. Each student can use it interactively to see various perspectives of your life, how they relate and how to improve your quality of life.
  • Step-by-step guidelines how to practice and enliven personal qualities: awareness, wisdom, creativity, love, success, happiness, serenity, intuition, compassion, independence, cooperation.

Personal Coaching

Each student receives individual coaching in implementing the course lessons in your life. You will be supported to explore and evaluate your main interests, and create a plan to pursue and fulfill your passion.

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Course Logistics



  • 7 weeks, 8-12 hours/week
  • Individual coaching
  • Online course materials
  • Live video conferencing
  • Experiential exercises

Next Course:

October 16 - November 30, 2017

Course Fee: $299

The Fee Covers:

  • 1-on-1 coaching and support
  • Access to the course's online classroom
  • Use of all the course's materials
  • A Passion University student account
  • Passion University certificate of completion


No prerequisites. All are welcome!

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7 Passions Workshop provides the experiential training of 7 Passions. Explore, experience and share your authentic passion. Receive support, compassion, empowerment and practical tools to live and grow your passion.


  • Explore and discover your unique qualities
  • Experience and express your authentic passion
  • Tune into your Passion Zone
  • Identify and remove blocks
  • Accept your human journey with compassion
  • Appreciate and celebrate your unique beauty and creativity


  • Passion Yoga: holistic fitness
  • Passion Dance: expressive movement
  • Passion Breath: shamanic meditation
  • Water Breath: aquatic rebirthing
  • Expressive Arts: psychodrama and sculpting
  • Watra: water tantra
  • Passionate Communications: emotional and social intelligence

7 Passions Workshop stimulates your natural somatic processes that exhilarate the emotions, intellect, sensuality, imagination, and creativity. Exploration and full expressions are supported in a safe and loving environment. Channels of life are unblocked and cycles of passion are rekindled. Experience new sources of energy and mental clarity. Obtain tools and techniques to use on a daily basis.

The workshop provides the experiential foundation for passion-based education and Passion University's academic programs.

Pre-requisites: 7 Passions Course

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