Holistic StudiesThe Holistic Studies Program Embraces Four Goals:

  • Refine the student's ability to apply problem-solving skills to many settings.
  • Promote the student's active awareness of their relationship to the natural, social, and cultural environments.
  • Develop the student's appreciation for and commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Develop within students a depth and breadth of general knowledge that can be applied to many professional settings.

This program provides students with the perspectives necessary for meaningful self-examination of personal and social values, as well as an enhanced ability to understand and cope with social, technological, professional, and cultural change.

Research & Development of Educational Technology.

Online Course Development introduces teachers to tools and resources to create and manage courses.

A course containing a database of many ideas for teaching with Moodle, collated by Tomaz Lasic and donated by educators everywhere.

Resources for comprehensive academic research, including references to internet libraries, reference resources, government, and news sources.

Musicians and Artists for Peace is a global network of performing & fine artists who dedicate their work to peace, promote freedom of expression through the arts and oppose governmental repression of creativity; preserves the diverse cultures of the world through cultural exchange; support environmental, human rights, world hunger and peace education organizations with their work; and support the goals of the United Nations and other international bodies addressing global issues.