WaterBreathThe aquatic training program prepares practitioners to facilitate healing sessions in warm water. It integrates a diverse range of aquatic healing modalities, such as aquatic bodywork, aquatic breathwork, water tantra, and rebirthing in water.

Students are required to complete a set of core courses, and a minimum credit units of electives. Within the electives, students may choose from several aquatic healing modalities. The aquatic training program at Passion University offers unique freedom for students to select and specialize in the areas that most suit their interests and talents.

This course introduces WaterBreath's fundamental neurorespiratory integration: merging with the water, letting the breath and the body wave effortlessly with emotional, sensual, and subtle energy flows, which bring increased pleasure and inner awareness.

WaterBreath is a method of rebirthing ourselves. The comforting support of the warm water, gradual movement through a series of breath patterns, and freedom to move with our breath and body's own impulses create a setting which is strongly reminiscent of the womb. Our energy channels open as we recall a time when there was no cause for them to close, and as we transition once again from the womb to the outside world, we can choose how to proceed and to preserve that full flow of energy.

Topics Covered:

  • Re-birthing ourselves
  • Applying Passion Breath to move through our full spectrum of pranas
  • Accepting the physical and emotional support of a helper, and providing it to classmates
  • Experiencing water as a healing environment

WaterBreath is a hybrid course, with both online and workshop components.

Watra is the practice of tantra in water. The support of the water enables greater freedom of movement, comfort, and fluidity. The soothing water caress the entire body and awaken its natrual sensuality. Surrounded by the body-temperature water is reminiscent of the nurturing womb. It enhances deeper intimacy and connection to the birth cannal.

Watra - Water TantraThis course is for couples who want to enhance their sacred connection and communication skills through expanding practices of senual and emotional intimacy. You will learn techniques to deepen your love relationship which you will enjoy practicing well beyond the training.


  • Partnered breathwork
  • Aquatic variations of yab yum
  • Harmony of breath, motion, and passion
  • Meditative sensuality
  • Nurturing and emotional healing

Learning Objectives

  • Explore personal uniqueness of experiencing bliss and pleasure.
  • Opening up channels of tantric energy.
  • Co-create a safe & nurturing setting.
  • Honor and co-create the sacred healing space.
  • New techniques for sacred relationships

The Aquatic Healing course explores the healing aspects of WaterBreath practice. It expands on the tools learned in the WaterBreath: Aquatic Breathwork and Watra: Water Tantra courses. Students learn to create and maintain a sacred, supportive environment, and to create sessions that address clients' individual needs.

Personal Growth
WaterBreath is based on breathwork, which accesses more refined levels than aquatic bodywork. WaterBreath's other uniqueness is that the helper's main role is to be a supporting and nurturing container to the breather's journey. The breather is the one who is actively breathing, stretching, and dancing effortlessly in the water. In other aquatic modalities the breather is passive, and the practitioner actively does the bodywork. WaterBreath thus helps students to develop their own independent mechanisms of self-healing, encourages pure expression of their authentic passion, and connects them with their inner wisdom.

Physiological and Psychological Integration
The physiological changes and mental relaxation induces a liberating experience that also helps to go beyond preconceived limitations and constrictions. It invokes high states of exhilaration and long-lasting sense of well-being. WaterBreath also allows for natural release of emotions. The caring presence and compassionate touch of the helper gives the breather a nurturing container to heal and integrate these natural expressions. Remembering the WaterBreath experience helps to choose supportive new patterns in place of unwanted mental and emotional habits.

Facilitating Aquatic Healing Sessions
This course prepares students to guide aquatic healing sessions. In a typical session, the student is guided through a journey of breathwork, emotional release, and deep meditative states. Moments of stillness and peace... followed by moments of energy flow, stretching, breathing, vibrating, dancing. You become one with the water and connect to your inner being. Heart-felt nurturing, like returning to the womb. Aquatic healing has been described by many as the most nurturing form of healing.

The Aquatic Training Internship allows students to provide aquatic training under supervision. The supervised practice is evaluated to determine whether a students is qualified to be certified as an Aquatic Training.

Successful completion of all the Aquatic Training Core Courses.

3-course sequence leading to certification as a Certified Aquatic Trainer. Aquatic Training for Practitioners is a hybrid course, with both online and workshop components.