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Monday, October 16, 2017
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Clayhut Healing Centre Inc

We are a husband-and-wife team of holistic healers who offer:

- Angel Readings (in-person and distance readings)
- Reiki (in-person and distance healing)
- Chios Energy Healing (in-person and distance healing)
- EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
- Holistic Pet Healing (housecalls and distance healing)
- Spiritual / Holistic Healing Workshops
- Distance Education

Kim Hutchinson
Riverview, NB
» Clayhut Healing Centre Inc
Toronto Psychic Services

Toronto Psychic Services offers holistic and intuitive services to individuals who want to experience better health, gain clarity in their lives, and learn to empower themselves.

Intuitive sessions gives you intuitive guidance about life issues that are causing distress.

Reiki sessions assist natural healing mechanisms, manage pain, release stress and emotional-energetic blocks. Reiki with Intuitive Messages is available.

Transformational Workshops teaches people to let go of stress, develop their intuition, and heal themselves through proven alternative methods.

Selina Khan
Toronto, ON
» Toronto Psychic Services
SkyDancer: Spiritual Mentoring

Dr. Yana Womack specializes in spiritual mentoring for women using a combination of approaches.

Through deep, compassionate listening in a safe, supportive environment, Yana guides you in navigating the terrains of the numinous spirit through creative dreamwork practices, shamanic journeying, instructional meditation sessions, creation of personal rituals, guided study, sensual therapeutics (vibrational sound healing, aromatherapy and elixir therapy) and other modalities.

This pathwork is grounded in Eastern religious traditions, Wicca, ancient mystery religions, Shamanism and Women's Spirituality.

Yana says, "A primary intention of spiritual development is unfoldment, reconnecting to the 'rasa' or divine essence contained in the lived moment and expanding capacities to experience bliss and inner radiance. This path of discovery leads to a refinement of being, a heightened sensitivity to intuitions, images, dreams, bodily messages (felt sense) and natural surroundings, clues we may not have noticed or given much value to in the past. Healings, shifts, transformation, awakenings occur on many levels. Compassion toward ourselves and others increase as we open to the qualities of pure awareness, inner peace and joy."

Yana Womack
Alameda, CA
» SkyDancer: Spiritual Mentoring
Counselling - Light Axis Healing
Light Axis Healing is a powerful holistic therapy that helps to heal emotional and physical trauma and illness. It uses 7 unique and highly advanced spiritual healing techniques within one healing. Purchase a healing session now from the website. There are also healing courses, books and audios on the website. You can also purchase a clairvoyant psychic readings from the site. Sessions can be done over Skype, Phone Email or In Person. A small 5-10 minute psychic reading is included for free with each healing purchased. For more detailed readings, they can be purchased separately to the healing. Namaste. Thank you.
Glen Machin
Sydney, NW
» Counselling - Light Axis Healing
NLP-Neuro linguistic re-patterning

Have a Life You Love!

Are you struggling and frustrated with your life or relationships?

I work with people who say that they want big changes in their lives or their relationships and i t seems like no matter what they try, they still find themselves stuck and not getting what they truly want.

You can have a life that you love!

Change is possible. My clients experience more fulfilling lives and relationships by shifting the limiting beliefs, behaviors and identities that keep them stuck. These shifts happen quickly and effortlessly and create new possibilities for success, love, intimacy, and worthiness, which leads to happy, fulfilling lives. Positive beliefs create positive experiences.

Change Work and Life Re-patterning

  • Be successful in all that you want for yourself
  • Avoid continued failure
  • Change anxiety and self doubt into peaceful self confidence
  • End isolation
  • Create more intimacy
  • Stop struggling with your partner
  • Have fulfilling, lasting relationships
  • Stop unwanted patterns and behaviors
  • Build successful strategies for health, money, career, self esteem and confidence
  • quit bad habits
  • have a healthy life
  • weight loss
  • end post traumatic stress symptoms
Cinthia Dennis
san Francisco, CA
» NLP-Neuro linguistic re-patterning
Be Well: A Place For Healing
Be Well: A Place For Healing Great Bodywork - More Than Just a Massage... Lawrence Furman - Would your life work better if you could breathe more freely and relax? - Want a proven method to do just that and much more from a professional who cares? Come see me. Working at your comfort level while drawing upon many years of experience in a number of modalities, I can help you rediscover the ease and freedom you were born with. Freeing the body, the breath, and withheld emotions, brings the delight of feeling like your whole self again - Deep Bodywork Softens You. - Enhances Your Free Flow of Thought, Emotion, and Feelings. - Expands and Deepens your Awareness Lawrence W. Furman, survivor of three Near Death Experiences is also a trance medium of unusual quality. A skilled and sensitive healer, Soulwave Practitioner, Author, and Midwife, he has developed his practice in Deep Bodywork, Counseling (individuals and couples), and Hypno-regression, over the last thirty-five years. Contact Lawrence at: 415.383.3717 or e-mail at:
Lawrence Furman
Tiburon, CA
Irisia - transformation artist for life & beauty - Being able to be with what is in life is the key to entering love and life's flow. To fully live one's potentials, intuition and purpose the past needs to be acknowledged and integrated. By becoming transparent to yourself, your feelings and life's mirrors, a deeper space of acceptance and independence can occur. Dynamic constellation work allows you to see dynamics clearly and to move deeper into your freedom by letting go. All subjects can be worked with: health, relationship, family and career. Mentoring, teaching and guidance available in person and by phone worldwide.
Irisia Norris
Venice, CA
» Counseling
Lauderly Magestic
I help individuals, couples, families and businesses visualize and actualize their Envisioned Self by providing alternative methods of support which include acupressure, self/chakra imagery, crystal healing, past life readings and clearings, space-energy and soul clean up.
Or Lauderly
The Journey
The Journey® is a guided process, which gets to the core of physical and emotional problems. It will enable you to resolve traumas and eliminate suppressed negative emotions physically stored as a cellular memory.

This Short-Term Therapy works with all the senses and integrates a whole range of therapeutic methods, thus accelerating the overall self-healing process.

It is compatible with any other therapy. It is able to catalyze profound healing results, even after other treatments have failed.
Birgitta Westling
Geneva, Switzerland
» The Journey