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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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NLP-Neuro linguistic re-patterning

Have a Life You Love!

Are you struggling and frustrated with your life or relationships?

I work with people who say that they want big changes in their lives or their relationships and i t seems like no matter what they try, they still find themselves stuck and not getting what they truly want.

You can have a life that you love!

Change is possible. My clients experience more fulfilling lives and relationships by shifting the limiting beliefs, behaviors and identities that keep them stuck. These shifts happen quickly and effortlessly and create new possibilities for success, love, intimacy, and worthiness, which leads to happy, fulfilling lives. Positive beliefs create positive experiences.

Change Work and Life Re-patterning

  • Be successful in all that you want for yourself
  • Avoid continued failure
  • Change anxiety and self doubt into peaceful self confidence
  • End isolation
  • Create more intimacy
  • Stop struggling with your partner
  • Have fulfilling, lasting relationships
  • Stop unwanted patterns and behaviors
  • Build successful strategies for health, money, career, self esteem and confidence
  • quit bad habits
  • have a healthy life
  • weight loss
  • end post traumatic stress symptoms
Cinthia Dennis
san Francisco, CA
» NLP-Neuro linguistic re-patterning

What is Yogalates?

Yogalates is a neurological based movement system that stretches and strengthens all the major muscle groups, encouraging mobility. It focuses on executing movement with proper alignment and use of the correct muscle groups, developing a streamlined slenderness rather than bulk.

Having roots from Pilates and Yoga, it combines the best of both eastern & western traditions.

Pilates is the culmination of years of human endeavour to perfect body development & physical training. This system of muscular skeletal exercises show you how the body works in functional movement through isolating specific muscle groups.

Yoga enhances strength, stamina, aerobic capacity, flexibility, balance and mental clarity . For some, it can be a strong spiritual practice.

Pilates and yoga both use co-ordination of movement with the breath to relax, strengthen & lengthen the muscles of the body, while calming & soothing the Central Nervous System.

Yogalates is an ever evolving method which stays abreast of the latest medical and scientific research into how the human body functions during movement.

What happens in a Yogalates session?

The unique & enjoyable classes integrate a combination of stretching, strengthening and balancing exercises, yoga poses and incorporate resistance band work. Additionally, integrating breath with movement promotes a centered focus & relaxation.

Particular attention is paid to building strength and endurance in the body’s core postural muscles (the stabilizers). This promotes Core Stability, which enhances spinal/ pelvic awareness, protecting the spine against injury, whilst supporting the internal organs and promoting good posture

Different Pranayama, Yogic breathing techniques are also used. Some energize and invigorate, while others aid relaxation to release stress and tension.

Resistance bands are also used in Yogalates to replicate the resistance training of the Pilates machines, excellent for strengthening, lengthening and balancing the musculature of the body, helping to bring about balance in the whole being. See photo on last page. Various props assist those with physical pain & limitations to safely participate.

The aim of the classes is to gain optimal function of the body within its individual capacity. The focus is on bringing personal awareness into the practice so the students can embody the principles in their day-to-day living.

Mirella Parry
Boulder, CO
» Yogalates
Bed and Breakfast and Hotels in Assisi and Perugia
If you are looking to spend your vacation in a land of misticism, to walk the paths of Saint Francis, to breath the finest romanic art of Italy... is your key to find the right accomodation. will help you preparing your travel to one of the finest region of Italy, Umbria. Our agenda of events will guide you through all the cultural and folkloristic appointments taking place in Umbria: from the Jazz Festival of Spoleto, to the "Giostra della Quintana" of Foligno. It's guide will give you hints about what you have to visit in the many little magic town of Umbria.
Gianluca Fiorelli
Perugia, Assisi, Spoleto, Orvi, Italy
» Bed and Breakfast and Hotels in Assisi and Perugia
Self Serve - Your Sexuality Resource Center

Self Serve is a fun and welcoming adult sex toy retail store and sex education center. Through our store, website and adult toy party service, we provide the opportunity for people to learn about sexuality and their bodies while shopping for high-quality sex toys and other pleasurable sundries. Self Serve supports women, LGBT people and anyone seeking healthy, positive sexual attitudes and perspectives, and sensual pleasure in everyday life.

Jamie Diaz
Albuquerque, NM
» Self Serve - Your Sexuality Resource Center
Mind/body/spirit Massage
I offer the best massage services at a fair price. You will be pampered and treated with the utmost care and respect. Small and private studio with everything you need to help you relax. By appointment only. 602-413-9061 Hot stones Swedish Deep Tissue Energy Work Chakra Balancing Angel Card Readings Reiki Relationship advice
Chastity Cook
Hacienda Del Sol Retreat Center

The serenity of the Costa Rican jungle and Pacific Ocean come together for you in this sacred place of healing called Hacienda del Sol.

Nourish yourself with yoga retreats, raw food workshops, cleanses, meditation, hikes, dance, craniosacral therapy, deep tissue massage, local excursions and more.

Find out what Hacienda del Sol has to offer you...

Menlha Bruneau
San Juanillo, Costa Rica
» Hacienda Del Sol Retreat Center
Instinct Reiki

Instinct Reiki Master Ashley Williams will be available for Reiki treatments all week from 10:00am - 8pm. The initial session is about one hour of table time with a 20 minute discussion including an energy health assessment and advice. Those continuing treatment of maladies will find subsequent treatments shorter, about one hour in total.

Crystal Healing
Crystals which are charged with Reiki energy will sometimes be incorporated into a treatment by placing the healing stones onto the 7 major Chakras across the body. This can amplify the Reiki energy to up to 300 times stronger and will help to increase the rate at which the body detoxifies, thereby reliving the client of illnesses, stress and tension.

Pendulum Diagnosis
A Pendulum can also be used to identify problem areas in the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual bodies of the client and also the time period of when the problem / block was created (a typical emotional block could be the separation from a partner or death of a love one). When the client is reminded of this time period it will help them to release the blocked emotions that are being held within their body & Chakras which sometimes can cause many types of illnesses, from Depression to Hypertension.

Please contact Ashley here or call +66(0)890 041 003 to make your appointment.

*About Master Ashley

1 session - 1,500 Baht
3 sessions - 4,000 Baht
Book of 10 sessions 12,000 Baht (You can share them with your family and friends!)

Ashley Williams
Bangkok, Thailand
» Instinct Reiki
Radical Transformation Holistic Life Coaching
Holistic Life Coaching can help you to: Achieve your goals and realize your dreams;Re-align your whole Being- Body, Mind and Spirit;Bring your life back into balance to feel centered and more in control;Discover practical easy to use methods for maximizing your brains potential, for more positive interactions with others and a better memory;Feel totally supported and empowered on your journey of self discovery. --Mission Statement-- The mission of Radical Transformation Holistic Life Coaching is to provide a compassionate and supportive environment for guiding others on their path to self discovery and transformation. Utilizing a holistic and individualized approach, clients learn to re-allign each aspect of their being --- body, mind, and spirit --- to achieve their optimal level of self and life fulfillment.
Rebecca Rotz
saylorsburg, PA
» Radical Transformation Holistic Life Coaching
Bhairava Yoga School

Bhairava Yoga brings the sacred Yoga, Tantra and Meditation teachings of the orient to the Western student in a clear and scientific way.  The ancient science of Yoga, Tantra and Meditation is a way to discover vibrating health, open up to your inner Universe, achieve emotional transformation, experience spiritual evolution and reach true and lasting happiness and peace.

Moses Maimon
London, UK
» Bhairava Yoga School
Body-Mind Integrative Healing
The body is a remarkable library of all your beliefs, feelings and experiences. In this healing work, we tap into the innate wisdom of the body and resolve the paradoxes that are held in this living library. By understanding the core reasons why an illness or upset exists, a person can then change their relationship to life, and healing miracles CAN happen. Your session will include: an intuitive reading of your energy body to reveal the patterns that are shaping your life. Advanced energy healing techniques, chakra healing, somatic hypnotherapy and guided meditation. It may also include: Psychic surgery of the energy body, other forms of shamanic healing, spirit communication, breath work or massage. At the end of your session Sylvia will give you a "prescription" for awareness based techniques for personal change so you can continue the work on your own. The techniques she chooses to use with you will be tailored to best serve your transformational process and natural inclinations. Both phone and in person sessions are available. Please feel free to call today to set up your session.
Sylvia Brallier
Boulder Creek, CA
» Body-Mind Integrative Healing
Temple of Orgasm and ErotiCamp
Imagine being immersed in a sea of orgasmic energy! This mind-boggling possibility is the purpose of the Temple of Orgasm. The Temple is a special, sacred space where we can be our most vulnerable and our most ecstatic at the same time! Orgasm engenders orgasm, and as a place to share orgasms communally, the Temple enables everyone to move into their most ecstatic states.

Simple, healthy and healing, orgasm is nature's gentle, pleasurable way of bringing us to our highest performance and best health. An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!
Paul Glassco
near Boulder Creek, CA
» Temple of Orgasm and ErotiCamp
Forgiveness: The Art of Letting Go

Forgiveness can heal your life.  Without forgiveness we remain locked in the past.  We continue to give attention and energy to past conflicts and to experience the negative emotions associated with those situations, including anger, fear, resentment and shame.

Forgiveness is a choice.  It's a decision to let go of the past.  Forgiveness does not depend on what anyone else does.  It's something you do for your own benefit, not for anyone else.  Forgiveness is choosing to reclaim your life and your energy, so you can live fully and freely in the present moment.

Open yourself to the miracle of forgiveness.  Participants will be guided through a powerful forgiveness process and have the opportunity to apply the steps of forgiveness to his or her own situation.  As we embrace the grace of forgiveness, the world around us changes too. 


June 12 & 13, 2010
9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
San Rafael, CA 

$250/$200 (if paid by 5/12/10)

Eileen Barker
San Rafael, CA
» Forgiveness: The Art of Letting Go
Diploma in Sound Therapy
The Colour of Sound Institute offers one of the most comprehensive, professional sound therapy training programs in the world today. Research demonstrates that Sound Therapy can be effective in helping people deal with many physical, emotional, developmental and mental health challenges. Sound therapy can also be used beneficially with animals. By joining our practitioner sound therapy training program, you’ll discover how healing sounds can help you and others to: feel less stressed, be balanced and more relaxed have more energy & vitality be more productive & creative alleviate emotional and physical pain and more….. During this training program you’ll learn: the science and art of sound therapy, drawing on ancient wisdom traditions and modern bio-physics how to work with a range of instruments and your voice to activate our bodies’ natural healing abilities how to integrate sound therapy into an existing practice if you are already a practicing health professional. and much more… On this Program, you’ll get much more than a professional Diploma….you’ll personally feel more relaxed and self-assured; your creative energies will blossom and your natural intuitive abilities will flourish. You’ll feel richly rewarded from noticing how well your clients deal effectively with their health and personal issues, and you’ll know deep within the core of your being that your life has greater meaning, purpose and variety than ever before. You don’t need to be a musician or singer to give sound therapy effectively, and you don’t need to have prior experience of working with healing sounds to participate in this training. Sound therapy can support and be easily integrated into other therapeutic modalities such as massage, osteopathy, nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, acupressure / shiatsu, kinesiology, reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy, emotional field therapy, hypnotherapy, etc…. The Colour of Sound Institute is an Independent School accredited by the British Complimentary Medicine Association (BCMA), and has been successfully delivering sound therapy training since 2003.
Anthony Nec
Glastonbury, UK
» Diploma in Sound Therapy
The Journey
The Journey® is a guided process, which gets to the core of physical and emotional problems. It will enable you to resolve traumas and eliminate suppressed negative emotions physically stored as a cellular memory.

This Short-Term Therapy works with all the senses and integrates a whole range of therapeutic methods, thus accelerating the overall self-healing process.

It is compatible with any other therapy. It is able to catalyze profound healing results, even after other treatments have failed.
Birgitta Westling
Geneva, Switzerland
» The Journey
Jnana Yoga

Jnana Yoga is the yoga of wisdom for healing the mind.

Julia Tindall teaches courses in Jnana Yoga in Sacramento. She also offers teacher trainings to help people teach this work in groups. Her two books, "Your Presence is Enough" and "20 Questions for Enlightened Living - Peace and Freedom through Jnana Yoga" together create a course in jnana yoga that have the power to change lives for the better.

Order the books directly through her website or call 530-757-3880.

Julia Tindall
Sacramento, CA
» Jnana Yoga

YumMatopia, a living laboratory of Yum in MARIN!

Sacred Touch Meditation for couples
When-Monday evenings, 8pm – 10pm
Where-YumMatopia in San Rafael
Description- Deepen your connection with your beloved as you deepen your awareness of yourself. Learn effective ways to communicate to create the dream lover you always imagined. You will be shown effective techniques both ancient and modern to effectively bring you to embodied places of relaxation and bliss. Implementing a myriad of technologies from One Taste, Sexological Bodywork and Tantra are woven together.
$50 per couple.

Naked Yoga
When-Wed, Feb 27, 8:30am – 9:30am
Where-YumMatopia in San Rafael

Description-Start your morning out by doing yoga in the nude with us. Bring your mat, blanket, and an adventurous attitude. We will complete our class with a alkaline, rejuvenating green juice, so bring some greens to contribute to our juicing expereince. A love offering of $15 is greatly appreciated.

Carolena Fleishman
San Rafael, CA
» Yummatopia
Lauderly Magestic
I help individuals, couples, families and businesses visualize and actualize their Envisioned Self by providing alternative methods of support which include acupressure, self/chakra imagery, crystal healing, past life readings and clearings, space-energy and soul clean up.
Or Lauderly
Vedic Healing
Vedic Healing is integration of Ayurveda, Craniosacral Therapy and Zen Shiatsu. Every Vedic healing session is personalized based on the assessment and evaluation of your needs, comfort and constitutional pattern of body-mind-consciousness.

As a part of healing session we will read your pulse and tongue using traditional methods to assess the constitution and provide personalize herbal consultation and manual treatments.
Prana Gogia
Encintas, CA
» Vedic Healing
Healing The Earth/Ourselves
Jim PathFinder Ewing (Nvnehi Awatisgi) has written four books and numerous articles on Shamanism, Reiki, Native American Spirituality, Sacred Ceremony and Energy Medicine.

He and his wife, Annette Waya, teach Reiki and Shamanism and hold ceremonies at their home in Lena, Miss.

For more, see his Web site, Healing The Earth/Ourselves,

Or, see his Facebook page,

About Jim PathFinder:
"Jim is a voice for the Earth, giving us much needed inspiration and information about living in harmony.... A marvelous guide. "

-- Brooke Medicine Eagle,
Author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing
and The Last Ghost Dance
Jim PathFinder Ewing
Lena, MS
» Healing The Earth/Ourselves
BeJuled - Holistic Life Coaching

As a Holistic Coach - I see you as a whole and complete being. We work on all areas of your life - all at once or one at a time.
As a Cheerleader - I keep you awake and inspired, in the field and on the track.
As a Personal Coach - I am physically ("face to face") with you only, on a consistent basis, so what you learn becomes embedded in you... you live it, not just think it or know it.
As a Truth Teller - I am upfront and honest - I will empower you to live and speak your truth - which always accommodates growth.
As a Co-active Coach- I am part of your team... I am there through the action steps.
As a Being - I live in the realm of Infinite Possibilities.

Juli An Panfilio
» BeJuled - Holistic Life Coaching
Lotus Coaching

Lotus Coaching provides an integrated coaching approach based within Vajrayana Buddhism, Yoga, and Eastern and Western principles of psychology and change.  Understanding the stages of change and challenges that can arise at various stages of growth work and changing habits, Lotus Coaching offers and approach that is grounded and offers you tools to address challenges at the root, rather than only addressing symptoms in your life.

Nandi Hetenyi has been coaching and counseling for the last 10 years.  While attending University of California Santa Barbara, she completed a transformational coaching and peer-counseling training program in 1999.  She completed a team research work regarding the impact of stress on academic performance and it’s impact in achieving success. This joint research project was recently published in the scientific journal Psychophysiology.  The seeds of her passion for yoga were also planted at this time, attending Hatha Yoga classes 7 days a week.

She received Master’s degree in Education with a concentration in Multi-cultural Counseling in 2004 from San Diego State University. While living in San Diego, she received extensive training in grief counseling at San Diego Hospice and Palliative Care and met her root teacher, Troma Rinpoche, at that time.  She completed a two month long Yoga and Meditation teacher training program through the Yogic Medicine Institute in 2004. After completing this program, she moved to the Bay Area to pursue her doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where she has completed her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and steps into the final hurdles of her doctoral degree.

Nandi was invited to give a presentation at the World Congress on Psychology and Spirituality in 2008 in Delhi, India.  She participated in a panel discussion and presented her work on self-esteem and teachings of Vajrayana Buddhism, which she has been studying and practicing for seven years.  Nandi also participated in several service projects on two different trips to India, volunteering time in a children’s orphanage through teaching yoga, computer skills and English.  Also, while in India, she spent a month practicing yoga and meditation at the Divine Life Society Ashram and completed on pilgrimage to a Buddhist monastery in Manali, India.

Currently, Nandi combines aspects of Vajrayana Buddhist meditation practices, Tantric Hatha Yoga, transformational coaching and her understanding of both Buddhist and Western psychology in her coaching practice and workshops. She brings a powerful presence, strong intuition, warmth and an easy, gentle energy to her coaching work. And, she is passionate about supporting clients through a combination of Eastern and Western approaches that have also had a tremendously positive impact on her own life.

Nandi Hetenyi
Berkeley, CA
» Lotus Coaching
Nirwana Tantra D

Tantric Massage Europe / Germany / Düsseldorf. Tantra Massage, Nuru Massage, Maithuna and Kamasutra in Düsseldorf. Tantric Teacher give leassons in maithuna, kriya tantra and massage.

Evelyn Schmitz
d, Germany
» Nirwana Tantra D
Stretching by the Bay

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) utiliizes your body's natural reflexes to create flexibility painlessly.

Private sessions of Assisted AIS, small group classes, seminars for Professional Education (with CEC's) are

what we do at Stretching by the Bay dot com

I work with Elite & professional athletes, injured people and anyone wanting to increase range of motion, elasticity, enhance performance, relieve pain or achieve optimal flexibility!

Diane Waye
San Francisco, CA
» Stretching by the Bay
NewEarth Holistic Life Coaching

NEW EARTH is aimed at bringing you the tools you need as we enter the AGE OF TRANSFORMATION! In addition to HOLISTIC LIFE COACHING, we will provide you with those products, be it books, CD's, videos or links to people and services, that will help you to to understand and partake in the creation of a new human reality, a NEW EARTH. The world and its people are changing, that cannot be denied.

Philip Harris
Somerville, NC
» NewEarth Holistic Life Coaching
SkyDancer: Spiritual Mentoring

Dr. Yana Womack specializes in spiritual mentoring for women using a combination of approaches.

Through deep, compassionate listening in a safe, supportive environment, Yana guides you in navigating the terrains of the numinous spirit through creative dreamwork practices, shamanic journeying, instructional meditation sessions, creation of personal rituals, guided study, sensual therapeutics (vibrational sound healing, aromatherapy and elixir therapy) and other modalities.

This pathwork is grounded in Eastern religious traditions, Wicca, ancient mystery religions, Shamanism and Women's Spirituality.

Yana says, "A primary intention of spiritual development is unfoldment, reconnecting to the 'rasa' or divine essence contained in the lived moment and expanding capacities to experience bliss and inner radiance. This path of discovery leads to a refinement of being, a heightened sensitivity to intuitions, images, dreams, bodily messages (felt sense) and natural surroundings, clues we may not have noticed or given much value to in the past. Healings, shifts, transformation, awakenings occur on many levels. Compassion toward ourselves and others increase as we open to the qualities of pure awareness, inner peace and joy."

Yana Womack
Alameda, CA
» SkyDancer: Spiritual Mentoring
For Living That You Love
As a life and lifestyle coach for 27 years, I bring a playful (but highly effective) approach to the process of being your partner in making any change you want in your life, quickly and easily. I find that my methods and approaches are difficult to describe, but easy to experience. So just have some fun by contacting me for a one-hour gift telephone coaching session (scheduled at your convenience). Our intention will be to have an impact for you in that session that will be life-changing. At the end of the session I will ask you for a few minutes to explore the possibility of working further together. But again, with no cost or obligation (I so love what a do that spending that hour with you is a gift to me also).
Dwight GoldWinde
Phoenix, AZ
» For Living That You Love
Oscailt: Meditation, Pilates, Mindfulness and more

Integrative Health and Therapy Center. Oscailt offers Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga, Psychotherapy, Pilates, Shiatsu Massage and a variety of complementary therapies.

Mindfulness Meditation has always been one of the core practices we offer at Oscailt. In addition to the 8-week Mindfulness Training, we now offer a number of regular Meditation Sessions at Oscailt each week for people who seek to deepen their Meditation Practice.

Aelaig Moison
Dublin, Ireland
» Oscailt: Meditation, Pilates, Mindfulness and more
Toronto Psychic Services

Toronto Psychic Services offers holistic and intuitive services to individuals who want to experience better health, gain clarity in their lives, and learn to empower themselves.

Intuitive sessions gives you intuitive guidance about life issues that are causing distress.

Reiki sessions assist natural healing mechanisms, manage pain, release stress and emotional-energetic blocks. Reiki with Intuitive Messages is available.

Transformational Workshops teaches people to let go of stress, develop their intuition, and heal themselves through proven alternative methods.

Selina Khan
Toronto, ON
» Toronto Psychic Services
Sexy Spirits

Founded Sexy Spirits in New York City in 1999 as sex-postive education center specializing in the cultivation of sexual energy through Tantric and Taoist sexual cultivation practices.

Anton lends his knowledge and skills of partnership dancing, with ancient sexual cultivation practices that develop greater capacities for pleasure, health, and personal transformation.

His training in the both the physical and psychological aspects of partnership dancing led him to appreciate the powerful “dance between the sexesâ€Â

Anton Diaz
New York, NY
» Sexy Spirits
Satin Crystals Holistic Shop
Crystal Healing Shop with powerful stones, metaphysical classes, meditation circles, healing jewelry, hypnotherapy and energy healing sessions.
Lisa Satin
San Francisco, CA
» Satin Crystals Holistic Shop
Heart Works

I offer healings and attunements for the following healing modalities: Usui Reiki Attraction Reiki I, II and III Chios Energy Field Healing Silver Violet Flame The Indigo Light Empowerment DNA Healing Colours of Angels Connections Crystal Rose Attunement Ethereal Crystals 1-12 Prehnite Crystal Empowerment The Orb of Life Ama Deus Shamanic Healing Angels of the Earth - Animal Healing The 4 Holy Archangelic Attunements Angel Senses Attunements Manual Empowerment Reiki.

As an Abundance coach, I use traditional life coaching techniques, the law of attraction tools and manifestation energy work, such as Attraction Reiki, Abundance Flush and other healing modalities to assist in releasing blocks and attract positive energy into your life. I will compose and deliver a powerful vision statement, assist you in creating affirmations, give you ongoing support, and help you devise a plan of action that will allow you to take all areas of your life to a higher level. Your business, personal and spiritual life will improve at a faster rate than traditional life coaching alone. Please e-mail me at for more information.

Melanie Channell
Roseville, CA
» Heart Works
Divine Nectar

Fresh from the explosive release party in San Francisco filmmaker Tallulah Sulis and visionary artist Davin Skonberg present Divine Nectar, a visionary new film on the return of the Divine Feminine, tantra, sacred sexuality and the power and beauty of female ejaculation.

Divine Nectar is directed by Tallulah Sulis, featuring the visionary art, animation & editing of Davin and over 30 Bay Area musicians, artists, dancers and sexual healers.

Tallulah Sulis
San Francisco, CA
» Divine Nectar
Clayhut Healing Centre Inc

We are a husband-and-wife team of holistic healers who offer:

- Angel Readings (in-person and distance readings)
- Reiki (in-person and distance healing)
- Chios Energy Healing (in-person and distance healing)
- EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
- Holistic Pet Healing (housecalls and distance healing)
- Spiritual / Holistic Healing Workshops
- Distance Education

Kim Hutchinson
Riverview, NB
» Clayhut Healing Centre Inc
Transition Coaching with Donald Gerard
Donald Gerard, Certified NLP Coach, works with people who are facing transition in career or relationship. Donald helps you 1) get clear about what you want, and 2) take conscious action until you reach your goals.
Donald Gerard
Oakland, CA
» Transition Coaching with Donald Gerard
WaterBreath Training

WaterBreath is a deep meditative journey where the entire body waves and vibrates in coordination with the breath, leading to deep relaxation, emotional release, and spiritual ecstasy.

It is practiced while being floated and supported in warm water, inducing nurturing relaxation in a womb-like setting. You can surrender to the soothing warm water, free your body and mind, and unwind.

Due to the complete freedom of motion in the water, breathing naturally moves the body in unison, like a dolphin. The effortless coordinated motions harmonize the breath and body and create a mind-body energy wave. Typical experiences include relaxation, deep meditative states, emotional and intuitive awareness, nurturing, peace, joy, and rejuvenation. A single session can have relaxing and invigorating effects that last for days. It may also foster long-term healing and be a doorway to profound personal introspection.

WaterBreath provides an opportunity to be reborn into a new life experience, choosing supportive new patterns in place of old, unwanted habits and assumptions.

LiOr Jacob
Hayward, CA
» WaterBreath Training
Light Axis Healing
Light Axis Healing is a powerful holistic therapy that helps to heal emotional and physical trauma and illness. It uses 7 unique and highly advanced spiritual healing techniques within one healing. Purchase a healing session now from the website. There are also healing courses, books and audios on the website. You can also purchase a clairvoyant psychic readings from the site. Sessions can be done over Skype, Phone Email or In Person. A small 5-10 minute psychic reading is included for free with each healing purchased. For more detailed readings, they can be purchased separately to the healing. Namaste. Thank you.
Glen Machin
Sydney, NW
» Light Axis Healing
Free Daily Vedic Astrology Predictions offers FREE daily Vedic Astrology predictions 2-3x per week.

We hope you will enjoy them forever without any obligation!

Our business model is that if you would like to receive them everyday, then we charge $9.95/year for that service.  Our paid subscribers receive access to a few extra features:  They receive not only today's predictions, but also tomorrow's, and they can look up to a month in advance to see what is on the horizon.

We are fanatics about our subscriber's privacy, and we will keep your information private.  We will not share it with anyone, ever!

Many people have asked how we are able to do this so accurately and inexpensively.  The answer is that we have put a lot of effort and knowledge into creating this.  Pat Hayward is the Vedic Astrologer (or Jyotishi) behind the predictions, and Haydn Huntley is responsible for the software engineering wizardry.  We've both been at our respective professions for 30+ years.

Haydn Huntley
Makawao, HI
» Free Daily Vedic Astrology Predictions
Nonviolent Communication

Kelly Bryson is a licensed psychotherapist who guides clients in the use of Nonviolent Communication, or NVC, and other techniques to become more expressive, contributing, and fulfilled human beings.

Through the Center for Nonviolent Communication, he offers workshops, educational materials, one-on-one sessions, and group meetings to instruct and inspire participants in the practice of NVC.

CNVC is at the Quaker Meeting House.

Kelly Bryson
Santa Cruz, CA
» Nonviolent Communication

Its a making cloths out of patches

Alex Mugo
Nairobi, Kenya
Sensual Spirit Play
The playshop is Puja-style and is a fun, yummy, and sensual journey of movement, breath, sound, senses and touch for both singles and couples.
  • Yoga-dance and awakening the senses for more energy, spirit, and connection
  • Sensual and tantric touch and healing tools to take your enjoyment to a higher level
  • The passion, connection and fun continues and expands at the play party to follow
Leilani MacDaniel
Hayward, CA
» Sensual Spirit Play
Anti-Aging & Naturopathic Medical Care

A naturopathic physician licensed in the state of Arizona practicing good integrative medicine. Primary care with a focus in Hormone Therapy, Food sensitivities, & Anti-Aging. Addressing the symptoms and always treating the cause.

If you are ready for some quality health care then you have reached the right place.

Dr. Theo Christodoulakis treats the whole person, not just the symptoms but the cause of the disease. Dr. Theo Christodoulakis is a licensed primary care physician in the state of Arizona.
Dr. Christodoulakis will completely evaluate you, perform the physical exams, run the necessary tests and prepare a personalized treatment protocol. Our friendly staff will help you with your appointments and keep in touch with you to make sure you understand the doctor’s instructions.

Dr. Theo Christodoulakis is extremely dedicated in Quality Medicine.

Trisha Gonzalez
Chandler, AZ
» Anti-Aging & Naturopathic Medical Care
Be Well: A Place For Healing
Be Well: A Place For Healing Great Bodywork - More Than Just a Massage... Lawrence Furman - Would your life work better if you could breathe more freely and relax? - Want a proven method to do just that and much more from a professional who cares? Come see me. Working at your comfort level while drawing upon many years of experience in a number of modalities, I can help you rediscover the ease and freedom you were born with. Freeing the body, the breath, and withheld emotions, brings the delight of feeling like your whole self again… - Deep Bodywork Softens You. - Enhances Your Free Flow of Thought, Emotion, and Feelings. - Expands and Deepens your Awareness Lawrence W. Furman, survivor of three Near Death Experiences is also a trance medium of unusual quality. A skilled and sensitive healer, Soulwave Practitioner, Author, and Midwife, he has developed his practice in Deep Bodywork, Counseling (individuals and couples), and Hypno-regression, over the last thirty-five years. Contact Lawrence at: 415.383.3717 or e-mail at:
Lawrence Furman
Tiburon, CA
Tantra for Awakening - SkyDancing Tantra Workshops

Tantra for Awakening's courses and coaching are transformative: expanding your capacity for bliss and revitalizing your life and relationships.

Tantra is the practice of awakening to our essential nature and recognizing that we are enlightened beings. Every moment is new opportunity to experience this awareness.

By learning to accept ourselves and what is arising in each moment without judgment we become more present, joyful and compassionate. We let go of our fear and our need to be in control and experience the universe supporting us.

Crystal Morris
Sedona, AZ
» Tantra for Awakening - SkyDancing Tantra Workshops
Holistic Haircare
Irisia has been a professional international hairdresser for 25 years, for 10 years she was represented by 8 agencies worldwide as a hair and make-up artist in the beauty and fashion industry for models, celebrities and royalty. Her client list includes magazines like Italian Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle, fashion shows like Escada and advertising clients like Cartier. She has been working out of London, Munich, Milan, Paris, Miami, Sydney and Zurich.
Irisia Norris
Venice, CA
» Holistic Haircare
With TantricJoy coaching and classses, open your Heart to Greater Love, your Body to Greater Passion, and your Mind to Greater Consciousness. Specialties Include: Couples Love and Ecstasy Coaching and Master Lover Training for Men.
Jan Robinson
Berkeley, CA
» TantricJoy
Sensual Tantra
I offer a great Tantra massage service to clients at a very good price. In our very comfortable apartment it will be very easy for you to relax and unwind and experience the most relaxing and sensual Tantra massage that you have ever had. We also give and teach Nuru massage to our clients which is one of the fastest growing forms of massage therapy that we currently offer in our very luxurious studio.
Julia Lasta
London , UK
» Sensual Tantra
The Painted Word: Letting Art Evoke Writing - Work

In this workshop, we will have an intimate conversation between art and writing, using art and its principles to shape and inspire the written word. Innovative writing exercises that engage the provocative relationship between words and images will encourage fresh ways of expression. Collage materials and other types of art will be used to open us up to a rich, aesthetic realm. The art forms may merge and you will be free to explore new possibilities for your writing. Both experienced and beginning writers will find this workshop valuable in inspiring their creative process. Sunday January 18th, 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM Email for information. Kim Hermanson, Ph.D., is the author of the forthcoming book "Getting Messy" and recipient of a 2006 Independent Publisher Award for "Sky's The Limit".  She teaches creative process courses at Sophia Center/Holy Names University.

Kim Hermanson
San Rafael, CA
» The Painted Word: Letting Art Evoke Writing - Work
True Bliss Tantra
Be juicy, be happy, be vivacious, feel the zest for life. Become sexier, more vibrant, optimistic, feel alive. Capture more success (in all areas of your life), become more charismatic, have the Midas touch! Learn the secrets of the ancients to transform your life. It is every human being's right to live joyfully, sensually, happily, and vibrantly. If you are not living life to the fullest, then take charge of your destiny. Integrate the ancient with the modern, the esoteric with the intellect, the sensual with the practical, surrender to me as east meets west as you get lost in a sea of tantric bliss. Private sessions by appointment only. Please visit my website for more info. I am available from north Orange County (Irvine, Newport Beach) to Southbay (Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach).
Aria Devi
Redondo Beach, CA
» True Bliss Tantra
Acupuncture for Life
Classical Acupuncture heals the deepest level of body, mind and emotional disturbance.

It is a way of achieving and maintaining the best health and has been practised for over 2000 years. Its effectiveness has never been disputed and most modern western doctors acknowledge this.

Acupuncture works by keeping the body's energy flowing and in balance. This in turn induces a sense of wellbeing and boosts the person's own natural healing. Five Element acupuncture goes beyond looking just at the symptoms and addresses deeper constitutional imbalances.
Acu Vic
» Acupuncture for Life
Psychological Yogatherapy

Health Education and Trainings with Dr. Holger Luettich:

  • Courses
  • Face-to-Face Sessions
  • Online instruction
  • Teacher Trainings
Holger Luettich
Muehldorf am Inn, Germany
» Psychological Yogatherapy
Hanalei Day Spa
Experience an Amazing Journey Achieving Radiant Health.

The Hanalei Day Spa and Ayurveda Center of Hawaii are located on the lush north shore of Kauai in the state of Hawaii, On the premises of the Hanalei Colony Resort.

You can benefit from our various types of Spa Services:
Relax deeply with a Therapeutic massage.
Or do deep with deep tissue massage.
Your skin will glow for days with a Body Scrub.
Turn over a new leaf in your health regime with a Health consultation.
You can get more flexible in a yoga class or yoga retreat.
And when they call from home, you can tell them you are all wrapped up in one of our body wraps.
We have our own unique line of products including massage
oils and salves, Aromatherapy face/body sprays, bath
salts and body scrubs. 

What makes visits with us so special? You'll enjoy:

  • Atmosphere
    Join us on a beautiful 5-acre beachfront resort. In addition to the lack of pollution, you’ll find friendly people, farmers’ markets with organic produce, and an abundance of waterfalls, incredible rainbows and pristine beaches.
  • Pampering at the Hanalei Day Spa
    Enjoy therapeutic massage, body wraps, yoga classes, facials and waxing in addition to the rejuvenation program called Pancha Karma for those who want to go deeper.
  • Individualized attention
    Our staff take the time to focus on your particular requirements. Also, we have facilities designed to cater to couples.
  • Experienced professionals
    Darci Frankel, director and founder, has more than 10 years of experience in facilitating Pancha Karma rejuvenation programs. She or a member of her knowledgeable professional staff guides you every step of the way. Darci has been operating for 10 years, currently on Kauai previously in Arizona and South Florida.

You'll love visiting our unique location and cherish the individual attention and quality service you’ll receive when you are here. Choose your favorites from a list of Spa Services, Health consultations and retreats for individuals, couples and groups.

Darci Frankel
Hanalei, HI
» Hanalei Day Spa