eLearn: Online Campus

Passion University eLearningeLearn provides coordination and facilitation of high quality distance education using online educational resources and technologies. It enables dynamic and live online classes that extend the physical boundaries of traditional classrooms. The live interactive classes and real-time colaboration tools include:

  • Video conferencing
  • interactive whiteboards
  • shared desktops
  • file upload and content library
  • online test creation and administration
  • class recording

Teachers can monitor all features and each student's participation. The result - engaged students and teachers, enhanced learning, and improved comprehension.

About Passion University

Passion University provides passion-based education to manifest each student's full potential for healthy and fulfilled living:

  • It is centered on the student's own expression of wisdom, love and creativity through expanded awareness, mind-body-spirit integration, emotional wellness, social and transpersonal connectedness.
  • Students learn by integrating knowledge and direct experience. They study in teams that provide a dynamic structure for learning, questioning, practice, sharing, compassion, support, collaboration and inspiration.
  • Students merge their unique passion and purpose through multi-faceted personalized programs. They can choose from thousands of courses, classes, workshops, activities and global educational resources.
  • Students receive academic counseling throughout their studies. It includes evaluations of their talents and needs, advising for career opportunities and academic options, on-going progress review, accountability and personal coaching.
  • Each student has a personal mentor, typically an experienced professional, who serves as a role model and provides them with academic apprenticeship and insider wisdom in their field, to prepare them for a successful career.

Passion University graduates are prepared as qualified and competent professionals who lead fulfilled life and support global health and wellness.