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What is Passion?

What is Passion?Passion is life force energy - vitality - also known as prana, or chi. When our energy channels are open and flowing, we can use the full potential of our resources toward the fulfillment of our life's purpose. It supports the realization of purpose; living a well balanced, passionate life promotes a healthy body and mind.

All Aspects of Life

Passion exists in all aspects of our lives: physical, sensual, emotional, mental and spiritual. Many people associate the word passion only with emotions and sex, but this is a very limited perspective. For one, we can be emotionally passionate in ways that are not clearly visible to others, while experiencing refined, yet profound feelings. Also, we can express our passion through other channels, e.g., spiritual or intellectual enthusiasm.

Passion is a natural human capacity. Everyone can live passionately, create, express and share their authentic qualities, and experience joy, love and satisfaction. However, we were conditioned and educated from an early age to hold back and restrict the free flow of energy through our energetic channels.

What Holds Us Back?

Humans are naturally equipped with feelings and instincts for survival in the natural world, but today our life requires more intellectual capabilities. Our innate, animal gifts of feeling are undervalued and sometimes reprimanded. We are alienated from our own nature by negative social conditioning that associates pain and fear with our natural processes.

This adverse conditioning reduces the flow of life energy. It becomes blocked and runs dry. Because we are holistic in nature, what affects one part affects the whole. When one channel dries, others follow. Those who lose touch with passion in this way become disinterested and disengaged. Frustration, apathy, boredom, depression, and even chronic physical illness are symptoms of this kind of life distress.

Education and Training

Getting back to our natural life flow requires learning and reconditioning to open of all our channels. Passion Training provides practical knowledge, inspiring motivations, effective tools, experiential exercises, a supportive environment and compassionate teachers. 7 Passions: What Do You Really Want? is an online course with personal guidance and support by Passion University's counselors.

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