Academic Counselling

Welcome to Academic Counselling. Our mission is to facilitate student success by offering quality services that promote educational, career and personal development. Prospective students: enroll here to become a student and have a personal counsellor.

Individual Counselling

Student receive individual counselling throughout their studies. Your counsellor is assigned to you when you enroll to Passion Training. In the course of an academic counselling relationship with a student, a counsellor comes to appreciate the best possible resources for the students. As the counselor and student become more acquainted, they become more of a team with the counsellor in the role of mentor, teaching and guiding the student, but working together toward a common goal and as in the career planning process working toward the student’s desired academic outcome.

Counselling Services
  • Developing individual success plans for the student’s education and career.
  • On-going progress review, accountability and personal coaching.
  • Holistic assessments of talents and needs in all areas of life
  • Advising for career opportunities and academic options.
  • Guidance in creating a personalized academic program.
  • Guidance in choosing courses and educational resources.
  • Clarifying university policies and degree requirements.
  • Assisting to obtain transfers, waivers, etc.
  • Career placement services.

Career Mentoring

Receive career mentoring by an accomplished role model in your field of interest, and draw upon their expertise and rich experience. It includes apprenticeship, veteran wisdom and preparation for successful careers. Career Mentoring >

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Student receive individual academic and career counselling to address your specific talent, aspirations, personal growth and professional success.