General Education

General education (GE) is a program of study that:

  • Reveals to students the ways that research scholars in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences create and evaluate new knowledge
  • Introduces students to the important ideas and themes of human cultures
  • Fosters appreciation for the many perspectives and the diverse voices that may be heard in a democratic society
  • Develops the intellectual skills that give students the dexterity they need to function in a rapidly changing world.

This entails the ability to make critical and logical assessments of information, both traditional and digital; deliver reasoned and persuasive arguments; and identify, acquire, and use the knowledge necessary to solve problems.

Undergraduate students at Passion University may fulfill these requirements by either taking these courses at other universities, or substituting any course for an approved holistic education course. For Example, the Communication Skills requirement can be fulfilled by taking a course in Non-Violent Communication.

Arts and Humanities

Through this competency, students build an understanding of effective communication. Courses from the following fields help fulfill this requirement: language studies, composition, literature, creative writing, music, philosophy, creative arts, performing arts, and other arts and humanities, e.g.:

  • Composition and Creative Writing
  • Communication Skills
  • Creative Arts

Social Sciences

Through this competency, students build an understanding of human culture. Courses from the following fields help fulfill this requirement: history, government, civilization, political science, human development, economics, business studies, administration, psychology, sociology, education, anthropology and other related subjects, e.g.:

  • College Psychology
  • College Sociology
  • College History

Natural and Information Sciences

hrough this competency, students build an understanding the physical environment. Courses from the following fields help fulfill this requirement: environmental science, health, nutrition and fitness, and other physical and biological sciences, mathematics, algebra, geometry, accounting, personal finance, computer science, statistics, or financial management, e.g.:

  • College Biology
  • College Physics
  • Information Systems

General education requirements correspond to those in most colleges in United States.


Passion University’s curriculum is ideal for people with various levels of interests and needs. The variety of courses and workshops create a tiered structure suitable for both novice and advanced students. The entire curriculum constitutes an integrated set of study programs that serve as a progressive path along the student’s personal and professional journey. Courses expand on to others, and create doorsteps to the next. The basic classes provide the foundations, while the advanced courses are designed for mastery of the practices and continuous growth.

All courses include both theory and experiential parts. They are delivered through lectures, direct student-teacher interaction, multimedia presentations, group discussions and personal sharing, research and independent explorations. Most courses also include an experiential portion where students and faculty gather for hands-on practice. They are delivered through day-, weekend-, or week-long residential workshops. The experiential workshops and the informative classes are particularly design to complement each other, providing students with a comprehensive means to integrate the material. Upon registration to a course, students receive a complete package that includes directions and recommended preparations for the workshop.

Please note the required prerequisites specified for each course. Admission to advanced courses is contingent upon completion of the prerequisites, admission to specific programs, or approvals by the course faculty.

To ensure personal guidance and individual attention to each student, enrollment to some of the courses is limited and requires registration months in advance to ensure your space.

In addition to the academic and certification courses which students may take for credit, some non-credit Continuing Education courses are offered in the community events calendar.

Diverse Learning Formats

While most coursework is done online, there are experiential components to Passion’s courses, and some of these require in-person instruction. Depending on the individual course, this may be accomplished at a weekend workshop, or occasionally in the form of a short residential training.

The advantage of a hybrid course such as this, is that intellectual learning is accomplished with the convenience and efficiency of internet access, while in-person instruction offers personal support and attention which would not be possible through the internet alone.

Students may attend in-person courses in their area or convenient geographical locations. Outdoor adventures and Vision Quests vary in location. The type of course and locations are provided in the individual course listings on the home page under Programs.

International Students

Passion University welcomes international students, and holds a unique benefit for those who cannot or do not wish to relocate from their home country. Passion is not equipped to obtain visas for international students, however the limited amount of time spent for in-person training makes the student’s time in the United States the equivalent of a vacation rather than a relocation.  A passport will in most cases be sufficient documentation for travel to occasional brief workshops or residential training.

Experiential training may also be self-guided. In some cases, approved residential training may be possible within or near a student’s home country.

Integrating experiential workshops, in-person classes and retreats.

Learn What You Want

Most students go through their college years treating it all as an application of delayed gratification. There is a foregone conclusion pervading the academic world that school is by nature draining and difficult, that students must put their present work, family, friendships, and other interests aside to earn a degree. It is an unattractive and unhealthy prospect. People do this every day because they’re told this is the inevitable price of success, which will someday lead to future joy.

Move Life Forward

Passion University has a different understanding. Today you have the opportunity to have your future in an education that:

  • Welcomes who you really are and how you want to live!
  • Energizes you rather than drains you.
  • You treasure in the moment instead of feeling eager to put it in the past.
  • Take the courses you want rather than what's dictated for you.
  • Choose teachers that are available anywhere rather than at a single location.
  • Promotes communication rather than silence.
  • Encourages communication and healthy relationships, not isolation.
  • You cherish and take real satisfaction in achievements.
  • Lets you keep your current residence and lifestyle in addition to studying at your own pace and energy level.
Learn What You Want | Holistic Education | Passion University

"If the colleges were better, if they really had it, you would need to get the police at the gates to keep order in the inrushing multitude... The college, which should be a place of delightful labor, is made odious and unhealthy, and the young men are tempted to frivolous amusements to rally their jaded spirits... Scholarship is to be created not by compulsion, but by awakening a pure interest in knowledge."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Learn at Your Convenience

At Passion University you may take courses anytime, anywhere, at your convenience. Most of our courses are offered online, which you may take anytime and interact with the instructor through email, video chat, or instant messaging.At your fingertips, you’ll receive lectures and assignments from your instructor, which you may review offline at the times and places most convenient to you. You’ll also have access to online research libraries and services, and professionals with whom you may discuss issues and learn from each others’ experience. Student advisors and mentors are also available to provide support and guidance.

Passion University’s global Education Network offers the opportunity to tap into the abundant resources and connection with other students, teachers, and practitioners worldwide.

Learn anytime, anywhere, at your convenience