Passion Coaching


Passion Coaching is unique in its emphasis on being rather than just having or doing. It balances purpose – goals setting and their accomplishment, with creating and mastering passionate states. We focus not only on what needs to be done to achieve it, but also how to be, what attitude to use, and how to use subtle and powerful energy flows to create ideal conditions for the accomplishment of the task.

The Passion Coaching certificate program is a preparation for work as life coaches with specialization in passionate living. The program helps students to open their awareness to others’ process, and develop the ability to witness one’s journey as an objective observer. Students learn and practice modalities for discovering and enlivening one’s core passion and developing desired qualities.

The Passion Coaching Certification program prepares students well for this work. The Passion Training foundations, provide holistic tools and experience needed for Passion Coaching. In a typical coaching session, both coach and student are not just sitting and discussing. The student is usually getting into energetic states, guided and supported by the coach who is using diverse neurosomatic tools

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