Aquatic Healing

The Aquatic Healing course explores the healing aspects of Water Breath practice. It expands on the tools learned in the Water Breath: Aquatic Breathwork and Watra: Water ... more ›

Watra: Water Tantra

Watra is the practice of tantra in water. The support of the water enables greater freedom of movement, comfort, and fluidity. The ... more ›

Reference Library

Resources for comprehensive academic research, including references to internet libraries, reference resources, government, and news sources.

Passion-Based Education

A course for educators who implement passion-based education. It allows students to overcome hardships... More ›

Educational Technology

Educational Technology Research and Development is the only scholarly journal in the field focusing...

Religions and Mythologies

Topics: Relations between the psyche and the macrocosm. East and West traditions and mythological archetypes. Common universal perspectives on psycho spiritual development. ... more ›

Massage Certification Course

The Massage Certification Course trains students to provide body work to clients through a safe and supportive environment. Topics: Circulatory Massage: Swedish ... more ›