Religions and Mythologies

Topics: Relations between the psyche and the macrocosm. East and West traditions and mythological archetypes. Common universal perspectives on psycho spiritual development. ... more ›

Massage Certification Course

The Massage Certification Course trains students to provide body work to clients through a safe and supportive environment. Topics: Circulatory Massage: Swedish ... more ›

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is the use of plants to prevent and treat certain ailments and illnesses. People native to different geographical locations have ... more ›

Passionate Leadership

Passionate Leadership: A proven, practical system for optimizing Human Resources. What is your collective Passion Quotient: Restore EEI (Enthusiasm, Energy, and Involvement) ... more ›

Holistic Business Management

This course covers the fundamentals of holistic business administration and management of a successful business. Planning is essential for business success. For ... more ›

Ecology and Sustainability

This course provides a comprehensive, clear and engaging introduction to human ecology, biological adaptation, cultural adaptation and sustainability. Included are studies of ... more ›

Expressive Arts

Topics: Expressive art modalities: drawing, sculpting, dance/movement, music, drama, poetry, sandplay. Expressive and healing nature of the arts. The connection between the ... more ›

First Aid and Crisis Care

Basic emergency management course for injuries such as broken bones, bleeding, and burns, and medical emergencies such as diabetes, seizures, and heart ... more ›