Watra: Water Tantra

Passion University · October 5, 2020

Course Description

Watra is the practice of tantra in water. The support of the water enables greater freedom of movement, comfort, and fluidity. The soothing water caress the entire body and awaken its natrual sensuality. Surrounded by the body-temperature water is reminiscent of the nurturing womb. It enhances deeper intimacy and connection to the birth cannal.

This course is for couples who want to enhance their sacred connection and communication skills through expanding practices of senual and emotional intimacy. You will learn techniques to deepen your love relationship which you will enjoy practicing well beyond the training.


  • Partnered breathwork
  • Aquatic variations of yab yum
  • Harmony of breath, motion, and passion
  • Meditative sensuality
  • Nurturing and emotional healing

Learning Objectives

  • Explore personal uniqueness of experiencing bliss and pleasure.
  • Opening up channels of tantric energy.
  • Co-create a safe and nurturing setting.
  • Honor and co-create the sacred healing space.
  • New techniques for sacred relationships

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