Diverse Learning Formats

While most coursework is done online, there are experiential components to Passion’s courses, and some of these require in-person instruction. Depending on the individual course, this may be accomplished at a weekend workshop, or occasionally in the form of a short residential training.

The advantage of a hybrid course such as this, is that intellectual learning is accomplished with the convenience and efficiency of internet access, while in-person instruction offers personal support and attention which would not be possible through the internet alone.

Students may attend in-person courses in their area or convenient geographical locations. Outdoor adventures and Vision Quests vary in location. The type of course and locations are provided in the individual course listings on the passion.edu home page under Programs.

International Students

Passion University welcomes international students, and holds a unique benefit for those who cannot or do not wish to relocate from their home country. Passion is not equipped to obtain visas for international students, however the limited amount of time spent for in-person training makes the student’s time in the United States the equivalent of a vacation rather than a relocation.  A passport will in most cases be sufficient documentation for travel to occasional brief workshops or residential training.

Experiential training may also be self-guided. In some cases, approved residential training may be possible within or near a student’s home country.

Integrating experiential workshops, in-person classes and retreats.