Philip Harris

NewEarth Holistic Life Coaching

NEW EARTH is aimed at bringing you the tools you need as we enter the AGE OF TRANSFORMATION! In addition to HOLISTIC LIFE COACHING, we will provide you with those products, be it books, CD's, videos or links to people and services, that will help you to to understand and partake in the creation of a new human reality, a NEW EARTH. The world and its people are changing, that cannot be denied.
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You are body, mind and spirit! All three parts of the whole must work harmoniously in order for you to experience health, wholeness and well being. In order for your life to be whole, you need a mind set that sees beyond appearances and effects and into the world of causeation. All that occurs in your life, stems from thought. What you see in your life comes from within your conscious and unconscious thoughts. If you do not like the picture in the mirror, your life, you will have to alter the image you project onto that mirror. If you are having problems with the quality of your life, we can help. If you are experiencing lack, ill-health, poor personal relationships, general confusion and frustration in your life- we can help. Let us guide you, coach you, to a better way of thinking. Form, the world you see in the mirror of your life, follows thought. What and how you think determines your physical reality. It is really that simple. The problem is that from almost the moment you are born, you are bombarded with negative thoughts. Over time, these thoughts become your thoughts and they become what you see as you stand before the mirror. You must want to change your life and be willing to listen to new ideas and concepts if you are to benefit from life coaching. If you are not ready to do this, seek help elsewhere. Through the use of the Law of Attraction and by learning how to POLARIZE YOUR LIFE TOWARDS PERFECTION, you will find that there are NO LIMITS to what you can achieve. WHAT WE WILL DO! By necessity, this is an on-line service. Most of the time we spend together will be through emails and chats. If necessary, we can have a few phone conversations but those will be greatly limited. We will assess what you desire, what you perceive to be the obstacles to fulfilling those desires and work on a plan to achieve those desires and derail the obstacles. We do not try to overcome perceived obstacles, we simply go around them. If your concerns are beyond the scope of our services or if we fell that you are not really ready to take this approach to creating your new reality, we will try to help you find a different course action with another service or practitioner.

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