Jamie Diaz

Self Serve – Your Sexuality Resource Center

Self Serve is a fun and welcoming adult sex toy retail store and sex education center. Through our store, website and adult toy party service, we provide the opportunity for people to learn about sexuality and their bodies while shopping for high-quality sex toys and other pleasurable sundries. Self Serve supports women, LGBT people and anyone seeking healthy, positive sexual attitudes and perspectives, and sensual pleasure in everyday life.More ›

Co-owners Matie Fricker and Molly Adler have taught sex ed and sold sex toys for years. We decided it was high time we collaborate and create our own fabulous store for people who know deep down that sex is not a naughty, bad thing, but actually the way to a much happier life of pleasure. Shop for a wide assortment of quality adult sex toys at Self Serve Toys.We love to educate people, sell toys and safer sex supplies, teach workshops, host toy parties, and uphold high standards for quality and comprehensive education. Historically, adult retail shops and websites have been far from tasteful, often relegated to back alleys and filled with tacky, harmful & exploitative products. These adult sex toy stores foster a culture of shame and unrealistic ideas about sex. Unlike these shops, Self Serve provides a positive, educational and empowering shopping experience. We provide floor models of every item we carry, so you know more about the intimate toys you’re about to enjoy. When it comes to pleasure, Self Serve takes a holistic approach. In addition to sex toys & safer sex supplies, the shop offers imported gourmet chocolates, handbags, gift cards, luxurious sheets, organic lotions & scrubs, massage candles and body treats.

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