Selina Khan

Toronto Psychic Services

Services are provided by Selina Khan in Toronto, Ontario either in-person, by phone or email. Her expertise stems from over 20 years experience in the intuitive and holistic fields. Her experience includes public mediumship, private readings, intuitive Reiki, and teaching students to connect with their own abilities. Selina has been recognized by her teachers, colleagues and former clients as gifted and accurate in her work. She is a Reiki Master.
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Toronto Psychic Services offers holistic and intuitive services to individuals who want to experience better health, gain clarity in their lives, and learn to empower themselves.

Intuitive sessions gives you intuitive guidance about life issues that are causing distress.

Reiki sessions assist natural healing mechanisms, manage pain, release stress and emotional-energetic blocks. Reiki with Intuitive Messages is available.

Transformational Workshops teaches people to let go of stress, develop their intuition, and heal themselves through proven alternative methods.

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