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Bio The body is a remarkable library of all your beliefs, feelings and experiences. In this healing work, we tap into the innate wisdom of the body and resolve the paradoxes that are held in this living library. By understanding the core reasons why an illness or upset exists, a person can then change their relationship to life, and healing miracles CAN happen. Your session will include: an intuitive reading of your energy body to reveal the patterns that are shaping your life. Advanced energy healing techniques, chakra healing, somatic hypnotherapy and guided meditation. It may also include: Psychic surgery of the energy body, other forms of shamanic healing, spirit communication, breath work or massage. At the end of your session Sylvia will give you a “prescription” for awareness based techniques for personal change so you can continue the work on your own. The techniques she chooses to use with you will be tailored to best serve your transformational process and natural inclinations. Both phone and in person sessions are available. Please feel free to call today to set up your session.