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Bio Dr. Yana Womack specializes in spiritual mentoring for women using a combination of approaches. Through deep, compassionate listening in a safe, supportive environment, Yana guides you in navigating the terrains of the numinous spirit through creative dreamwork practices, shamanic journeying, instructional meditation sessions, creation of personal rituals, guided study, sensual therapeutics (vibrational sound healing, aromatherapy and elixir therapy) and other modalities. This pathwork is grounded in Eastern religious traditions, Wicca, ancient mystery religions, Shamanism and Women’s Spirituality. Yana says, “A primary intention of spiritual development is unfoldment, reconnecting to the ‘rasa’ or divine essence contained in the lived moment and expanding capacities to experience bliss and inner radiance. This path of discovery leads to a refinement of being, a heightened sensitivity to intuitions, images, dreams, bodily messages (felt sense) and natural surroundings, clues we may not have noticed or given much value to in the past. Healings, shifts, transformation, awakenings occur on many levels. Compassion toward ourselves and others increase as we open to the qualities of pure awareness, inner peace and joy.”