Yana Womack

SkyDancer: Spiritual Mentoring

Dr. Yana Womack specializes in spiritual mentoring for women using a combination of approaches. Through deep, compassionate listening in a safe, supportive environment, Yana guides you in navigating the terrains of the numinous spirit through creative dreamwork practices, shamanic journeying, instructional meditation sessions, creation of personal rituals, guided study, sensual therapeutics (vibrational sound healing, aromatherapy and elixir therapy) and other modalities.

Yana Womack, Ph.D. is a graduate of California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco where she concentrated on Mytho-religious Studies and healing methods. She is the director of SKYDANCER, spiritual mentoring for women. Since the early seventies, Yana has studied with notable healers, visionaries and leaders in the fields of Eastern religions, Shamanism and Consciousness Studies. Along with teaching courses on Altered States and Embodied Spirituality, she currently maintains a private spiritual mentoring practice in Petaluma, Ca and continues to offer individual and group pilgrimage tours to the sacred sites in Nepal and India, and folklore tours to Russia. Yana has studied with notable healers, visionaries, authors and leaders in the fields of Spirituality, Shamanism, Consciousness Studies, Buddhism, Hinduism and Ecofeminism including: Ialorixa Tina de Souza of Brazil, Michael Harner, Charlene Spretnak, Marion Woodman, Kusali Devi of Kathmandu, Stanislav Grof, Marion Rosen, Ralph Metzner, Starhawk, Vicki Noble, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Choki Nyima Rinpoche, among others.

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