Open Academic Programs

“The right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. Use it. Dwell in possibility.” ~Oprah Winfrey

I’m delighted to announce open academic programs at Passion University starting in Fall 2020.

The open programs allow each student to create a customized curriculum by choosing from a global network of education resources. Students are mentored by dedicated academic and career counselors to develop their authentic passions into a successful and fulfilling profession.

Founded in 1997, Passion University provides passion-based education for personal and global wellness, evolution and fulfillment. The University’s passion training help students become well-rounded professionals who have integrated their learning into their whole life.

It’s an educational transformation that I’m very excited about. We put the student at the center of education. Now students can freely explore their passions and pursue them through their own education and career path.
See Programs Overview for more information. Enrolll in What’s Your Passion Course and embark on your passion-filled life journey and receive personal guidance and support in reaching your educational and career goals.

If you are an accomplished teacher or an expert in your field, please consider joining Passion Education Network to reach more students worldwide.
If you want to support this revolutionary approach to education, please help spread the word. I’m particularly interested to explore cooperation and new ideas on how to promote the much-needed transformation in our education system.

With Passion,

LiOr Jacob
Founder & President
Passion University