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Holistic Health Program

Associate of Science in Holistic Health

Passion University offers an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree in Holistic Health for students who want to receive a two-year college A.S. degree while acquiring an exciting and meaningful education to live healthy and well. The Associate of Science curriculum includes all the Holistic Health Core Courses. They provide a thorough academic and practical foundation for holistic health. Completing this A.S. degree is an important milestone for many students as they pursue their personal, educational and career goals. It promotes self-sufficiency and competence for success and fulfillment in all areas of life.

A.S. Degree Requirements (90 credit units):

Bachelor of Science in Holistic Health

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Public Health is a four-year undergraduate program for health and complementary medicine students seeking careers.

B.S. Entry Requirements

Admission is open to those with a high school diploma or who meet the University’s minimum education requirements in English, Humanities and Sciences. Applicants should also have completed Passion, Life and Evolution.

You are expected to be proficient in collegiate English language skills. If you are a second-language English applicant, you should submit records of the TOEFL examination with scores of 550 minimum. You are expected to have access to a computer, email, the Internet and other outside library resources for the full extent of your program.

B.S. Degree Requirements

A minimum of 180 quarter units is required for the degree with elements in general education, the core academic major, electives, an internship and a final examination, as defined below:

  • Passion Training (30 units)
  • Holistic Health Core Courses (36 units)
  • Holistic Health Electives (36 units)
  • General Education (18 units)
  • General Electives (12 units)
  • Holistic Health Internship (32 units)
  • Senior Project (12 units)
  • Comprehensive Examination (4 units)

To complete some of these requirements, students may transfer appropriate coursework completed at outside colleges and training institutions and from college proficiency examinations. Students may apply for appropriate college equivalency credits earned through formal portfolio assessment. Relevant elements from your general education coursework may also apply to the academic major. These core academic competencies emphasize the theories, principles and practices at the foundation of the discipline and the philosophical and cultural implications of the field. They also incorporate applied elements of the discipline.

Holistic Health Core Courses

A minimum of 36 units of Holistic Health Core Courses are required for the Bachelor’s degree.

Holistic Health Electives

The Bachelor’s degree requires a minimum of 36 units of elective Holistic Health Courses. Students can select courses from a wide variety of academic resources, workshops, training, and other educational resources under their mentor’s advisement and with the approval of the academic committee.

Other Electives

Students may take other approved courses to help complete the minimum 180 credit units required for the B.S. degree.

Holistic Health Internship

Students must investigate the core aspects of holistic health within the professional environment through close contact with practitioners and real-world situations. Students should participate in the field study for at least 320 contact hours. The field placement is expected to afford students appropriate practical hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of their areas of practice. Students complete a daily journal and prepare a scholarly paper summarizing their findings for the field study.

Under the supervision of assigned instructors, students will select from a range of personal development, growth, and transformative practices (e.g., meditative/contemplative, art/expressive, interpersonal/psychological, yoga, breathwork, bodywork, cultural expeditions, volunteer/service, combinations of these, etc.) and document their experiences on life domains relevant to holistic health. The student can undergo these experiences in holistic health centers, medical clinics, hospitals, schools, colleges, spas, etc.

Senior Project

  • Holistic Health Senior Project ›

Final Examination

The final examination may be scheduled once the senior project has been completed. The final examination will include written and oral elements. The written portion is an open book style with selected essay questions requiring creative responses that reach for the higher levels of cognition. The student’s answers are expected to draw from the academic competencies of their program with proper referencing of the scholarly literature. The oral component of the examination is normally completed by telephone conference or an alternative asynchronous method and is intended to allow a detailed investigation of the student’s written responses.