Passion Temple: Aquatic Healing

Passion Temple
Passion Temple

Watra Pool : Aquatic Healing and Re-Birthing

The Watra Pool is an enclosed warm pool of body-temperature water enriched with soothing minerals and healing organic herbs. It’s a tranquil and sacred womb-like setting that induces a comforting sense of nurturing warmth and peaceful serenity.

When you float and gently caressed by the soothing water, your mind and body naturally loosen up, the stress and tension melt away, as you surrender into deep relaxation.

In a typical Water Breath session, you are guided through a journey of breathwork, emotional release, and deep meditative states. Moments of stillness and peace… water_breathfollowed by moments of energy flow, stretching, breathing, vibrating, dancing. You become one with the water and connect to your inner being. Heart-felt nurturing, like returning to the womb.

-Meditation and deep relaxation
-Opening up of energy pathways
-Emotional release and nurturing
-Body-mind-spirit integration
-Improved mobility and flexibility
-Decreased pain and stress
-Freedom, exhilaration, and joy