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Interactive Mapping

Passion Map is an interactive modeling, planning, analysis, collaboration, and tracking tool. It can be used to simulate and organize existing entities, or create new ones.

You can create your own personal maps or share them with others. A web-based network of shared maps can be used for collaborations, communication, and creation of new complex global entities never possible before.

Passion Map

When you first sign up to Passion Map, you get an account that includes an initial personal map based on the Passion Map template.

Passion Map can be used to organize and plan all areas of your life. It has been designed to help you maintain an awareness of the steps you need to take regularly to live a more passionate and fulfilled life.

The Challenge
Everyone has multiple areas of our lives in which we want to create change. At the same time, we need to be sure that we do not lose ground in areas which are not a current focal point. Conventional calendars, organizers, and other tools don't provide us with a means to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of our lives or how to best use our energy.

The Solution
Passion Map fills that gap using a visual representation, helping you to remember, analyze, and plan your needs and energetic resources. Where is your passion located, and where is it needed?