Passion University provides education, research and training for personal, social and global wellness. The university’s core values are Unity, Wisdom, Creativity, Love, Power, Joy and Peace for all:

  • 7 Passions Course – online courses about passion, life-force energy, where student understand the meaning of their own life and what motivates them, and learn how to live their passion in all areas of life.
  • 7 Passions Workshops – experiential workshops where student explore their authentic passions and learn how to develop them to improve their quality of life. They gain expanded awareness and wisdom, authentic meaning and creativity, emotional and social intelligence and health and wellness.
  • Passion Coaching – Students are guided by academic counselors who provide on-going education advising, personal coaching and career mentoring.
  • Passion-Based Education – Students have open programs that integrate multifaceted global education resources. They study in supervised teams that provide dynamic structures for learning, inquiry, practice, sharing, compassion, support, collaboration and inspiration.

Founded in San Francisco in 1997, Passion University pioneered an education reform through research, development and cooperation for personal and global evolution from suffering to wellness and fulfillment. It draws upon the Bay Area’s resources in personal transformation, academic excellence, leadership in advanced technology, and progressive culture of social and environmental awareness.