Career Mentoring

Receive career mentoring by an accomplished role model in your field of interest. It includes apprenticeship, veteran wisdom and preparation for successful careers. Draw upon their expertise and rich experience. Many of the world’s great stories of learning suggest that it is natural and beneficial for the individual to have a close relationship with a mentor. Rumi’s true spiritual and poetic voice came about as a result of his relationship with Shams of Tabriz; Jesus’ disciples were all ordinary working men until they became his close companions. Today, many people seek out friends from whom they can learn, while others develop relationships with rabbis, ministers, life coaches, and therapists. There appears to be a fundamental human need for guidance by someone who knows us well, and Passion University foster such relationships.

Your initial mentoring is provided by your academic counselor. They will help you to connect with a suitable mentor and you will work together as a team to provide you with the best academic and career guidance.

Academic Counseling