About 7P Life Map

7P life map is interactive modeling, planning, analysis, and tracking tool. It can be used to simulate and organize existing entities or create new ones.

The Complexity of Life
Managing the complexity of responsibilities, interests and activities in this rapidly changing society can be challenging and overwhelming. Traditional calendars and organizers are ineffective.

An Interactive Map
Use 7P to create an interactive model of your life. It turns abstract complexity into a clear visual picture in all areas of your life: Health & Fitness, Mind & Spirit, Family & Relationships, Profession & Career, Estate & Environment. Record many details and organize them quicklypin different ways. Ask what-if questions with a click of a button. Play and have fun with it. Zoom in to see the details. Zoom out to see the big picture. View it from different perspectives. You’ll see aspects and connections that you haven’t seen before. Gain intuitive knowledge and a refreshing understanding of your life. Get clarity on your values and priorities. Use Google Calendar on your computer or mobile device to view what you need to do and when.

Collaborative Passion Mapping
You can create your own personal maps or share them with others. A web-based Network of shared maps can be used for collaborations, communication, and creation of new complex global entities never possible before.