Passion Breath Qualities

The eight breaths of Nature are created through its cycles and elements: Flow,  EarthBeatFireRaptureAirSpace, and Water.

Flow and Beat represent the feminine-masculine continuum, also known as Yin-Yang. Flow, Yin, is receiving, round, wavy, and passionate. Beat, Yang, is masculine, structured, rhythmic, sharp, and purposeful.

Merging the fullness of both Flow and Beat yields the whole spectrum of Rapture – quick, vigorous, topsy-turvy, active, perpetual with ever-growing intensity. The compliment to Rapture is Space. It’s quiet, soft, slow, eternal, and ambient.

Specific breaths relate to each other through harmonious transformations. Infusing Water energy in gentle waves into the emptiness of Space creates Flow. Flow becomes Earth, gradually fades into Beat by becoming more defined, sharp, and rhythmic. When Beat heats up in Fire, it transforms into Rapture by increasing the pace, shaking up the orderliness, and ever-increasing the frequency and intensity leading to explosions. These orgasmic vibrations become more refined into Air qualities, bringing peaceful stillness, Space where infinity meets with nothingness.