Passion Breath: Space

SpaceThe lights are out. The day is over. There’s nothing more to do, nothing more to think of. No messages from the media…no kinesthetic stimulation, either. You’ve gotten into bed and you’re now as still as the night air.

Perhaps you’re not in bed just yet, but there’s scarcely a sound in the neighborhood. The stars…perhaps you don’t have anything to say about them, but that’s just it. Standing beneath them seems so complete somehow.

Of course, space is as much within us as in the environment. Sometimes an overworked mind can take advantage of this capability. You have probably had the experience many times…but have never been aware of it until afterwards. Your boss says your name for the third time when you finally realize you’ve spent an unknown portion of the meeting in a vague, daydreamy world you can no longer remember clearly. With any luck, you have a boss who will be understanding if you tell the simple truth – you were spacing out!