4 Questions to Find, Live, Grow and Fulfill Your Passion

Askary Abbas · January 30, 2024

4 Questions is a guide on how to find, live, grow, and fulfill your passion. It is based on four basic existential inquiries about desires, core drives, behavior, and values. The questions guide you to observe and evaluate your passion from each of these perspectives and realize how they are related. They shed light on each other, and together, they create a comprehensive understanding of yourself and clarity on what increases your passion and what drains it in all areas and aspects of your life.

As you cycle through the questions, you see deeper and broader into yourself, other people and the world around you. You develop authentic values and meanings – your own inner guide. Being conscious of 4 Questions can eventually become an ever-present inner guide that naturally aligns you with your ultimate passion in whatever you do wherever you are.

  • Clarify what you really want and understand why
  • Discover your authentic core essence
  • Determine the meaning of your life
  • Fulfill what you’re here for

The course provides detailed, step-by-step guidance and practical tips on how to use the 4 Questions. It also provides lessons with general theories about the basic human drives and how they’re expressed in all aspects of life.

The course assignments guide you through personal exploration of your desires, aspirations, perceptions, feelings, and behavior. They will help you become aware of and understand your underlying motivations for everything you want and do.

The course material includes an innovative AI-based app to track your self-observations and evaluate them from complementary perspectives of all your passions in all areas of your life. Seeing them can help you to reveal profound insights, align yourself with your authentic passion, pursue it and fulfill it. The Course’s interactive tools enable you to create a dynamic model of your life with clarity of your own values and the meaning of life.

If you don’t live your passion, who will?

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