7 Passions Workshop

Course Description

7 Passions Workshop provides the experiential training of 7 Passions. Explore, experience and share your authentic passion. Receive support, compassion, empowerment and practical tools to live and grow your passion.

Objectives :

  • Explore and discover your unique qualities
  • Experience and express your authentic passion
  • Tune into your Passion Zone
  • Identify and remove blocks
  • Accept your human journey with compassion
  • Appreciate and celebrate your unique beauty and creativity

Program :

  • Passion Yoga: holistic fitness
  • Passion Dance: expressive movement
  • Passion Breath: shamanic meditation
  • Water Breath: aquatic rebirthing
  • Expressive Arts: psychodrama and sculpting
  • Watra: water tantra
  • Passionate Communications: emotional and social intelligence

7 Passions Workshop stimulates your natural somatic processes that exhilarate the emotions, intellect, sensuality, imagination, and creativity. Exploration and full expressions are supported in a safe and loving environment. Channels of life are unblocked and cycles of passion are rekindled. Experience new sources of energy and mental clarity. Obtain tools and techniques to use on a daily basis.

The workshop provides the experiential foundation for passion-based education and Passion University’s academic programs.

Pre-requisites: Live Your Passion! >

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