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The Aquatic Healing course explores the healing aspects of Water Breath practice. It expands on the tools learned in the Water Breath: Aquatic Breathwork and Watra: Water Tantra courses. Students learn to create and maintain a sacred, supportive environment, and to create sessions that address clients’ individual needs.

Personal Growth

Water Breath is based on breathwork, which accesses more refined levels than aquatic bodywork. Water Breath’s other uniqueness is that the helper’s main role is to be a supporting and nurturing container to the breather’s journey. The breather is the one who is actively breathing, stretching, and dancing effortlessly in the water. In other aquatic modalities the breather is passive, and the practitioner actively does the bodywork. Water Breath thus helps students to develop their own independent mechanisms of self-healing, encourages pure expression of their authentic passion, and connects them with their inner wisdom.

Physiological and Psychological Integration

The physiological changes and mental relaxation induces a liberating experience that also helps to go beyond preconceived limitations and constrictions. It invokes high states of exhilaration and long-lasting sense of well-being. Water Breath also allows for natural release of emotions. The caring presence and compassionate touch of the helper gives the breather a nurturing container to heal and integrate these natural expressions. Remembering the Water Breath experience helps to choose supportive new patterns in place of unwanted mental and emotional habits.

Facilitating Aquatic Healing Sessions

This course prepares students to guide aquatic healing sessions. In a typical session, the student is guided through a journey of breathwork, emotional release, and deep meditative states. Moments of stillness and peace… followed by moments of energy flow, stretching, breathing, vibrating, dancing. You become one with the water and connect to your inner being. Heart-felt nurturing, like returning to the womb. Aquatic healing has been described by many as the most nurturing form of healing.

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