Ecology and Sustainability

Passion University · October 5, 2020

Course Description

This course provides a comprehensive, clear and engaging introduction to human ecology, biological adaptation, cultural adaptation and sustainability.

Included are studies of the organization and function of ecosystems, the interactions of human social systems with them and how social institutions and processes contribute to, or conflict with, sustainability. The course concentrates on how humans affect global ecosystems and how these changes impact our health, behavior, social and cultural life.

The course will integrate long-standing ecological principles with more recent case studies that focus on achieving ecologically sustainable development. The coursework includes concepts that can be applied in our individual and collective lives to pursue a promising and secure future. This material is a thought provoking exercise aimed at sensitizing the students via case studies on biological and cultural adaptations from different parts of the world.

By pursuing this course, students will also be able to investigate ecological principles relevant to global concerns and will be able to cultivate values that prepare them as informed and responsible global citizens.

Topics covered:

  • human ecology
  • biological adaptation
  • cultural adaptation
  • sustainability
  • Personal and global environment
  • Ecology: human relationship with Earth
  • Gaia theory
  • Exploration of interconnection with other life forms in natural setting
  • Aesthetics and architecture
  • Feng Shui and Sthapatya Veda

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