Health Models and Practices

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Course Description

Explores the relationship between health and creative ways of living through understanding human nature and human potential. The evolution and dynamics of human biology, consciousness and culture. Health orientations of different traditions as they pertain to life cycle stages, including birth and death. Recognition and use of socio-psychological and ecological factors in the health and healing process.

Reviewing traditional East/West models and Asian traditions, particularly Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Western development in holistic health. Overview of psychobiology of stress and self-regulatory methods such as: autogenic training, biofeedback, progressive relaxation, visualization, and behavioral techniques. Shamanic and transpersonal medicine.

Overview of therapies and and self-care practices in the Holistic Health field. A multidisciplinary, cross-cultural exploration of the frontiers of health and healing supported by presentations from leading researchers, healers, clinicians, authors, and social visionaries.

This course also provides examination and comparison of various healing practices, concepts, and experiences of health and illness, roles of healer and healee, and environmental context. Exploration of possible universal principles in the healing process.