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Herbal Medicine is the use of plants to prevent and treat certain ailments and illnesses.

People native to different geographical locations have long used plants and plant extracts to cure specific maladies. There are four main areas of practice and research in regard to their historical traditions:

  • Western medicines based on Greek, Roman and medieval sources
  • Ayurveda which is based on Hindu traditions
  • Eastern tradition of Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Shamanism and indiginous traditions.

All these modalities include both philosophical and spiritual aspects along with the scientific knowledge that existed within a specific time frame. However, Despite their geographic and historic separation, these different traditions provide more commonality than division.

The Herbal Medicine course reviews a basic study of plant life, including plant morphology, and the classification and basic properties of herbs. Review of plant and plant preparations most commonly used in Western traditions. The actions of the plant and plant products, as well as drug-herb interactions are considered.

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