Holistic Business Management

Passion University · October 5, 2020

Course Description

This course covers the fundamentals of holistic business administration and management of a successful business. Planning is essential for business success. For this reason, students will develop a comprehensive business plan during the course to act as the blueprint for starting a business or achieving future growth.

This course covers the essential topics of managing a well-functioning business in a holistic way. Students have also the opportunity to create their own support group to assist each other in their professional career.

Topics Covered:

  • How and when to start business planning.
  • How to organize and better manage your business.
  • How to identify opportunities and market your business.
  • How to understand and get your financial information in order.
  • How and where to get funding for your business.
  • How to write a detailed business plan.

This course is designed to enhance your business coaching skills and assist you in coaching others to create comprehensive business plans. It will prepare you to coach future or current business owners, managers or involved employees who want to operate a business successfully.

Organizational Skills Covered:

  • Professional office procedures
  • Record-keeping
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Networking and referrals
  • Legal issues
  • Finance
  • Billing
  • Continuing education

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