Passion Workshop

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Course Description

Passion Workshop provides the experiential training of Got Passion?. Explore, experience and share your authentic passion. Receive support, compassion, empowerment and practical tools to live and grow your passion.

Objectives :

  • Explore and discover your unique qualities
  • Experience and express your authentic passion
  • Tune into your Passion Zone
  • Identify and remove blocks
  • Accept your human journey with compassion
  • Appreciate and celebrate your unique beauty and creativity

Program :

  • Passion Yoga: holistic fitness
  • Passion Dance: expressive movement
  • Passion Breath: shamanic meditation
  • Water Breath: aquatic rebirthing
  • Expressive Arts: psychodrama and sculpting
  • Watra: water tantra
  • Passionate Communications: emotional and social intelligence

7 Passion Workshop stimulates your natural somatic processes that exhilarate the emotions, intellect, sensuality, imagination, and creativity. Exploration and full expressions are supported in a safe and loving environment. Channels of life are unblocked and cycles of passion are rekindled. Experience new sources of energy and mental clarity. Obtain tools and techniques to use on a daily basis.

The workshop provides the experiential foundation for passion-based education and Passion University’s academic programs.

Pre-requisites: Got Passion?