Course Description

Sexual wellness is a rich and deep union with yourself and others that yields connection and meaning in your life and relationships. In this course you learn how to channel ecstatic passion and life force energy through the body’s main energy centers (chakras). These ecstatic flows of passion, called Kundalini, bring complete full-body orgasms, creating aliveness, inner awareness, and satisfaction on all levels.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn how to free and channel your powerful sexual energy.
  • Experience the natural innocence and healthy desire of two people who melt together into meditative awareness, to create real intimacy and ecstasy.
  • Learn how to distinguish your sexual energy from past habits, how to create communication and merging between partners, and how to love and accept yourself and our partner.
  • Find out how your body reacts with love and naturally goes through different rhythms when you unite with your beloved.
  • Experience the various stages of the sexual union: deep relaxation, connection, arousal, union, climax, let go, and infinite expansion.
  • Experience these stages through tantric energetic techniques, meditations, breathwork, movement, dance, and opening of energetic channels.
  • Experience how simply being in the present connected with your essence, can solve many physical and emotional issues in your relationship, and lead you towards life filled with ecstasy and happiness.

Topics covered:

  • Anatomy and physiology of human sexuality
  • Physical, psychological, and cultural aspects of sexuality
  • Personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal dimensions of sexual experience
  • Sexual awareness, attitudes, meaning, and expression
  • Introduction to tantra
  • Sex and integration with personal development
  • Sex counseling and therapy
  • Sexual dysfunctions and treatments
  • Sexual abuse

This course has both online and in-person classes.

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