Water Breath: Aquatic Breathwork

Passion University · October 5, 2020

Course Description

This course introduces Water Breath‘s fundamental neurorespiratory integration: merging with the water, letting the breath and the body wave effortlessly with emotional, sensual, and subtle energy flows, which bring increased pleasure and inner awareness.

Water Breath is a method of rebirthing ourselves. The comforting support of the warm water, gradual movement through a series of breath patterns, and freedom to move with our breath and body’s own impulses create a setting which is strongly reminiscent of the womb. Our energy channels open as we recall a time when there was no cause for them to close, and as we transition once again from the womb to the outside world, we can choose how to proceed and to preserve that full flow of energy.

Topics Covered:

  • Re-birthing ourselves
  • Applying Passion Breath to move through our full spectrum of pranas
  • Accepting the physical and emotional support of a helper, and providing it to classmates
  • Experiencing water as a healing environment

Water Breath is a hybrid course, with both online and workshop components.

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