Passion University’s curriculum is ideal for people with various levels of interests and needs. The variety of courses and workshops create a tiered structure suitable for both novice and advanced students. The entire curriculum constitutes an integrated set of study programs that serve as a progressive path along the student’s personal and professional journey. Courses expand on to others, and create doorsteps to the next. The basic classes provide the foundations, while the advanced courses are designed for mastery of the practices and continuous growth.

All courses include both theory and experiential parts. They are delivered through lectures, direct student-teacher interaction, multimedia presentations, group discussions and personal sharing, research and independent explorations. Most courses also include an experiential portion where students and faculty gather for hands-on practice. They are delivered through day-, weekend-, or week-long residential workshops. The experiential workshops and the informative classes are particularly design to complement each other, providing students with a comprehensive means to integrate the material. Upon registration to a course, students receive a complete package that includes directions and recommended preparations for the workshop.

Please note the required prerequisites specified for each course. Admission to advanced courses is contingent upon completion of the prerequisites, admission to specific programs, or approvals by the course faculty.

To ensure personal guidance and individual attention to each student, enrollment to some of the courses is limited and requires registration months in advance to ensure your space.

In addition to the academic and certification courses which students may take for credit, some non-credit Continuing Education courses are offered in the community events calendar.

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