Passion-Based Education

Passion-based education provides a missing element in traditional education. It develops the student’s own qualities of wisdom, creativity and love through mind-body-spirit integration, emotional and social intelligence and environmental awareness.

Traditional education focuses on acquiring information and skills that are needed to be competent in specific tasks and activities. It neglects the most important needs for a health and fulfillment at every level and in every facet of being, including one’s career, emotions, physical well-being, relationships, spirituality and far more. In passion-based education students gain experience and qualities that address these aspects of life.


Students of passion-based education develop and acquire:

  • Vivacious life-force energy and holistic fitness
  • Mental clarity and expanded awareness.
  • Sharp intellect and analytic thinking.
  • Rich imagination and creativity.
  • Appreciation of beauty and artistic perception.
  • Commitment, responsibility, accountability and discipline.
  • Self-knowledge of talents, challenges and archetypal patterns.
  • Recognition of authentic meaning and life-purpose.
  • Emotional intelligence and wellness
  • Compassion and love for all beings.
  • Healthy relationships and social skills
  • Holistic wisdom and intuition.
  • Integration and synergy of mind, body, spirit, emotions, relationships and environment.

Learning Methods

  • Studying and collaborating in passion-based education teams.
  • Experience-driven exploration and integration of knowledge.
  • Multidimensional learning formats and settings
  • Freedom of choice to create and pursue a personal academic and career path.
  • Individual academic counseling and supervision.
  • Studying through direct experiences in diverse nature settings.
  • Professional apprenticeship with personal mentors who provide role modeling and expert knowledge.

Personal Development Practices

  • Training that energize and awaken inner passion.
  • Exercises for holistic fitness and mind-body-spirit integration.
  • Meditations that develop unbounded awareness.
  • Cultivating and declaring authentic values and meaning.
  • Conscious alignment of purpose, passion, intention and action.
  • Evaluation, planning and practice of optimal lifestyle and nutrition.
  • Practicing interpersonal and social skills.
  • Active involvement and promotion of social and environmental wellness.

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