Passion Heart Prayer

Dear god, please hear me and receive my prayers.
Bless my life with the beauty of creation.
Enrich my soul with eternal being.
Open my heart to love and gratitude.
Deepen my wisdom and inspire my creativity.
Shine light on my path.
Guide my peacefull journey with clear awareness.
Let my actions fulfill my purpose with passion.
Rejuvenate me through full cycles of death and birth.
Integrate and balance all aspects of my life.
Awaken my mind with intuition and intelligence.
Balance my playfulness and effectiveness.
Soothe my pain and sadness with compassion and happiness.
Fill my breath with vitality.
Nourish and empower my body.
Heal me.
Let me swim vibrant and agile in the river of life.
Let my companion and I support and nurture each other, and share loving intimacy.
Provide my family with sustenance and guidance for their growth.
Let my friendships be kind, enlightening and fun, and engage in a healthy community.
Let me participate responsibly in my society and promote the progress of our humanity.
Let my talents and skills serve others and contribute to their well-being.
Let me learn, teach, collaborate, inspire and create prosperity.
Keep me warm and safe in my neat and beautiful home.
Let me live in abundance and in harmony with my environment and earth.
Thank You for receiving my prayers.
I unite with your wholeness.