Rebirthing is an intentional process to create a birth experience.

For most people birth was a jarring transition. Our sense of peace, safety, and stillness was replaced with bright lights, loud noises, activity of those around us. Without the support of amniotic fluid, the effect of gravity
alone was a shock!

From that point on, we were also immersed in social conditioning which imposed unnatural and often harmful ideas about ourselves, our processes, and the world into which we had emerged. Our inherent wisdom was largely lost in the shuffle.

In The Womb

Thanks to Water Breaths similarity with being in the womb, many people experience lively birth and prenatal memories, which provide deep insight about their life journey. Prior to our birth, we lived in a safe, comfortable, nurturing environment.Alone with our wisdom, we were nourished and went through our growth process undisturbed.

Most people will say that they have no conscious memory of this time, but the first several months of our existence were spent in this state, and at the time it was all we knew. The imprints are still with us.

Back to the Source

We often seek outside of ourselves to create what we want. What
we really need is an experience that brings us full circle, back home to the love, wisdom and freedom inherent in our being.

Our journey among the sources of confusion around us have the potential to be a wonderful learning experience if, from the center of the chaos, we can journey back to our own center, and this is what Water Breath allows us to do. Being supported in body-temperature water in an enclosed, safe, quiet environment triggers subconscious memories from the womb. our wisdom can then be retrieved as a state-dependent memory.