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Workshops at PASSION Temple 2011

Passion: Elements of Shamanic Journeys
Presenting recommended setting, formats and preparations for Shamanic journeys.
Tuesday, 8/30, 3:00pm

Passion: Altered States of Consciousness
Experiential workshop. Using breathing techniques to transcend the mind, open the chakras, and journey into altered states of consciousness.
Tuesday, 8/30, 4:00pm

Passion: Female Ejaculation
Ejaculation is not only for men! Many women are able to enhance their sexual pleasure through ejaculation during orgasms. This experiential workshop for women and their partners reviews the basic principles of female ejaculation and stimulation techniques.
Wednesday, 8/31, 3:00pm

Passion: Moving Sexual Energy
Experiential workshop. Reviewing breathing techniques, postures, and physical motions that awaken sexual energy and move it to enhance sexual experiences.
Thursday, 9/1, 3:00pm

Passion: Merging Yin and Yang
Experiential workshop. Reviewing and practicing how to awaken and move both masculine and feminine energies. Experience your own preferred energy through breath and motion and learn how to merge it with your partner.
Thursday, 9/1, 4:00pm

Passion: Expanded Orgasm
Reviewing and exploring the differences between typical orgasms where the genitals contract, and expanded orgasms, that are created through relaxation of the genitals and opening of the second chakra.
Friday, 9/2, 3:00pm

Passion: Intimacy Tools for Couples
Experiential workshop. Topics: creating sacred setting. Mind/body relaxation. Creating intention. Energy exchange. Sensual touch. Communicating desires and providing loving feedback to partners.
Friday, 9/2, 4:00pm

Passionate Communication Skills
Deep down inside we are all passionate. How do we communicate our passion to others? Passionate communication includes specific tools to ask for what we want, respond to others with compassion, appreciate differences, acknowledge choice, provide empathy, and create rapport and trusting relationship.
Tuesday-Saturday, 8/30-9/3, 2:00pm





Bman: Events @ BMan