Bman: Preparations


  • Well organized, clear, and creative planning is our key to minimize work on the playa, so we can enjoy our time, and have everthing and everyone run smooth with each other.
  • Zen meditation on simplicity: This year every aspect of our camp is re-evaluated with “Do we really need it? If yes, how can we make it simpler?”
  • KISS – Keep it Simple, Sweettie
  • Read BMan’s official Preparations Guide.
  • Review and prepare your personal gear
  • We carpool from Hayward on Monday, 8/29 8:00am. Please arrive before 8:00am, all packed and ready to leave. Most people pack during the weekend and arrive on Sunday evening.


We’re going light, eating light, and plan creatively, so team responsibilities are handled with joy and enthusiasm. In addition to being on one of the teams, everyone helps with the camp take-down and Leave No Trace cleanup:

  1. Supplies – Prepare and load supplies
  2. Setup – set up camp
  3. Operations – maintenance and hosting
  4. Food – prepare meals
  5. Storage – unload supplies, clean, and store
Photo: Dana Piper