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Tantra is the art and science of uniting and accessing life force energies which may not have been previously experienced. Tantra is a rich and deep union with yourself and others that gives sacred sanctuary, connection, and meaning in your life and relationships. Tantra channels ecstatic passion and life force energy through the body’s main energy centers (chakras). These ecstatic flows of passion, called Kundalini, may bring complete full-body orgasms, creating aliveness, inner awareness, and satisfaction on all levels.

The art of tantra is how to make love to the fire without getting burned. We learn how sexual energy can be moved and contained in lasting bliss. Tantra can be practiced individually or with a partner. It requires learning and commitment but most of all the ability to master sensual energy flows.

-Meditation and deep relaxation
-Opening up of energy pathways
-Emotional release and nurturing
-Body-mind-spirit integration
-Freedom, exhilaration, and healing

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