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Passion Training workouts, courses, workshops, coaching and educational resources will help you to increase your aliveness in all aspects of life, including health, fitness, relationships, prosperity and career.



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Passion Training


Finding and developing your passion requires a supportive, safe environment in which to explore and express yourself. Passion Training is specifically designed to provide this space, as trained staff guide you back to the passion you left behind…and forward to the full life you are capable of living. Many people ignore or are unaware of the basic steps in transformation and sabotage their own progress. Passion Training allows students to directly experience the process of transformation, and to conceptualize the elements required for successful change.

In Passion Training, we utilize processes that exhilarate our emotions, intellect, sensuality, imagination, and creativity. We explore and fully express ourselves in a safe and loving environment. Channels of life are unblocked and cycles of passion are rekindled. We experience new sources of energy and mental clarity and obtain tools and techniques to use on a daily basis.

Passion Training is specifically designed to train individuals and groups in passionate living. We learn how to:

  • Observe ourselves non-judgmentally.
  • Increase our mind-body-spirit awareness.
  • Increase our emotional intelligence
  • Release the blocks that hold us back.
  • Discover our life’s purpose.
  • Make effective decisions and act appropriately
  • Face death and cherish life
  • Let go, and leave the past behind.
  • Create and navigate our own life map.
  • Integrate and balance all aspects of our life.

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