About Passion University

About Passion University Passion University empowers students to develop their full potential as healthy and fulfilled individuals and competent professionals who promote global wellness.

The University provides passion-based education where:

  • Students explore, develop and embody expanded awareness, authentic meaning, clear purpose, experiential wisdom, creativity, holistic health, loving relationships, social compassion and transpersonal evolution.
  • Students develop their inherent talents and acquire skills that merge their passion and purpose through multi-faceted personal programs that integrate global education resources.
  • Students are guided by academic counselors who provide on-going personal coaching, education and career advising, and compassionate mentoring.
  • Students study in supervised passion teams that provide dynamic structures for learning, inquiry, practice, sharing, compassion, support, collaboration and inspiration.

Founded in San Francisco in 1994, Passion University pioneered an education reform through research, development and cooperation for personal and global evolution from suffering to wellness and fulfillment. It draws upon the Bay Area's resources in personal transformation, academic excellence, leadership in advanced technology, and progressive culture of social and environmental awareness.
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    LiOr Jacob
    Passion-Based Education Teachers
    by LiOr Jacob - Tuesday, October 21, 2014, 8:07 PM
    Passionate Teachers,
    • What is your expertise?
    • Would you like to teach it to people all over the world?
    • Do you want to share your knowledge and passion with others?
    • Would you like to collaborate with like-minded people worldwide?
    If so, then you are invited to use Passion University's ...Read the rest of this topic
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