A Message to Prospective Students

Welcome to Passion University! I look forward to introducing you to our innovative approach to education, and to showing you why any student should want to study with us.

Passion University is leading a reform in higher education. We change the old paradigm of information-based knowledge, rigid curricula, administrative hierarchies and academic separation that have lead to structured education of common denominators.

We put you, the student, at the center of education. We cherish and support you in creating a career path and academic program that fulfills your unique potential. You can pursue any course, class, workshop, activity, informal experience, and resource. Anywhere.

Importantly, at Passion University you will not only get a degree and a transcript of all your diverse academic qualifications. You will have the training and cultivate the qualities for a healthy and meaningful life. We train our students to be aware of the holistic relationships among all aspects of life. Be fully engaged and creative. Deepen your intuition and wisdom. Be compassionate and gain emotional and social intelligence. These qualities also become more valued in the business world and will ensure you professional success anywhere.

You can begin now by enrolling to Passion, Life and Evolution It will immediately take you on your path for passion-filled life. You will receive personal guidance from one of our academic counselors. You will be connected to our education network, and become familiar with our passion-based education. Learn for yourself why Passion University is the most exciting way to get your education.

Don’t wait. Procrastination and hesitation robs us of so much. Give yourself the gift of a fuller, more passion-filled life. Take this step now and watch as many more life-affirming actions easily follow.

With Passion,

LiOr Jacob
Founder & President
Passion University