Passion Breath: Beat

Beat is movement, change and vitality that comes in strong, clear pulses. Beat transmits energy by the repetition of a distinct movement with a clear beginning and ending.

Our hearts beat; a distinct moment of contraction pushes blood through vessels in every part of the body. We can feel that beat by way of pulses in our necks, our arms, our abdomens, and many other places.

Drum rhythms establish patterns of sound and silence in our minds. Drummers generally have little control over the duration of the sounds they create, but the void between one strike of the skin and the next is as much a part of the rhythm as the attack and decay of each beat.

Lovemaking takes us through periods of rhythmic thrusting; this rhythm usually establishes itself with little or no thought, and our physiology responds in an excitatory way. Our relationship with beat is as much an intimate, primal part of us as is our sexuality.